Car meet sees "majority of attendees respecting residents"


Cheshire Police has reported that a local car meet which took place over the weekend saw the "majority of attendees respecting local residents".

On Friday, 7th October, officers announced they were prepared to deal with a car meet, which they have been made aware was planned to take place in Wilmslow, with an increase in RCU officers, motorbikes and local officers as well as the drone.

The measures were put in place to tackle those committing ASB, who would be ticketed and where necessary vehicles would be seized.

However, the anticipated car meet actually took place Chelford on Saturday, 8th October, during which a small number of tickets were issued - as part of Operation Baptism - the constabulary's response to tackling anti-social behaviour on Cheshire's roads.

In total nine tickets were given; two for using a mobile phone while driving, two for not wearing a seatbelt, one for having no MOT, having an unauthorised flashing light or warning beacon, driving without due care, having an insecure load likely to cause danger and not being in proper control of a vehicle.

Chief Inspector John Forshaw, of the Roads and Crime Unit, said: "While some people might think we are ruining their fun and enjoyment, what we're actually doing is trying to prevent serious harm on our road network.

"Some of those showing off their cars in front of crowds of people can be tempted to put their foot down and that's when it becomes dangerous, not just for the pedestrians watching the spectacle, but for innocent motorists.

"Often the noise from the cars revving causes annoyance to residents and the anti-social driving on our roads causes real concern for everyone's safety.

"During Saturday's car meet, there were some reports from concerned residents about the speed and noise however, this was swiftly dealt with by officers."

Chief Inspector Forshaw said: "We have a duty of care to protect the public and those driving on our roads, and we will do what we can to keep people safe.

"We're aware of a car meet in Stoke-on-Trent next weekend so Operation Baptism will be in place and we will be out again policing our road network up to the border of Staffordshire to prevent serious incidents. Our warning still stands that we will take action against anyone committing anti-social behaviour, and those putting our residents and road users at risk."



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Helen Williams
Tuesday 11th October 2022 at 8:14 pm
There was a car meet on Alderley Rd in front of the Merlin on Sunday 9th