Have your say on plans to revitalise Wilmslow and Handforth

Cheshire East Council is asking the public to have their say on plans to revitalise the centres of nine towns across the borough, including for Wilmslow and Handforth.

Following on from the Crewe town centre regeneration delivery framework for growth and the Macclesfield town centre strategic regeneration framework, the council is now developing town centre plans for the Cheshire East towns of Alsager, Congleton, Handforth, Knutsford, Middlewich, Nantwich, Poynton, Sandbach and Wilmslow.

The council is working with each of the towns to help to establish an agreed set of priority actions for each town centre. Any actions would be taken forward as and when opportunities arise, and resources allow.

Known as 'town centre vitality plans' (TCVPs), each individual plan has the objective of providing a clear sense of direction for supporting town centre vitality and viability. It could include initiatives, which do not require significant funding, but which could be taken forward by local volunteers and/or businesses.

The Council feels that when opportunities to apply for funding for town centre improvements arise, such as from central government, it is beneficial to have clear town centre plans already in place to support bids for funding.

The town centre vitality plans include the following priority actions:


1: Deliver Strong Cycling and Walking Connections, Including from the Garden Village into the Centre of Handforth (PRIORITY)
2: Enhance the Street Environment Along Wilmslow Road
3: Making more of the Paddock and Meriton Park
4: Raising Handforth's Profile
5: Mobilising the Business Community
6: Making more of Community Assets
7: Public Transport


1: Strengthening green space and links (PRIORITY)
2: Creating more opportunities to dwell in the centre (PRIORITY)
3: Improving the town's core
4: Creating stronger gateways into the Centre
5: Expanding the events programme
6: Raising the Centre's profile
7: Mobilising the business community
8: Making more of community assets
9: Better management of Movement
10: Embracing cycling

Councillor Nick Mannion, chair of Cheshire East Council's economy and growth committee, said: "As a predominantly rural economy in Cheshire East, it is vital that we do everything within our gift to support our smaller towns, which many of our residents are more likely to call upon for their needs.

"Partly as a result of the pandemic, the way we shop has changed significantly. The introduction of these town centre vitality plans is an excellent way for our local communities to have a say. We know that no two towns are the same and this is an excellent way to properly appreciate those individual characteristics."

"I would welcome anyone to engage with this consultation process and use it as an opportunity to let us know their views."

Final plans will be developed through the consultation process.

The consultations run from today (27th September) to 8th November and can be accessed on the Cheshire East Council website at:

Handforth TCVP - View and comment on the plan for Handforth

Wilmslow TCVP - View and comment on the plan for Wilmslow