Little ones across Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Handforth start primary school

With the summer holidays now behind us, last week marked a big step for hundreds of little ones across Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and Handforth and their families, as they embarked on a new adventure with their first day at school.

As the new term began the reception children set off in their new uniforms with big smiles to be greeted by their new teachers and make new friends.

Above is a selection of photos from local schools, where the teachers have been very impressed with the great start they have all made at school.

Mrs Walsh, Head Teacher at Alderley Edge Community Primary School, said, "The new reception class at AECPS have had a fantastic start to the school year. We are delighted and very proud of with how well all the children have settled into school life. They have made new friends, explored their new classroom and started their learning journey.

"The children have had a fantastic time and their teachers have loved getting to know them all. This week the teachers have met all their parents individually to start to build important relationships so we can work closely together to ensure all the children maximise their potentials and flourish."

Mrs Bains, Deputy Head of the Prep School at Alderley Edge School for Girls, said ""It has been wonderful to welcome our Reception 2022 class into the AESG family. The girls have settled into school life exceptionally well and have enjoyed making new friends.

"They have already taken part in a whole school assembly and have had great fun playing with the older girls in the playground. As you can see, they are very engaged with their lessons and are very keen to work hard and do their best. Wishing you all a wonderful start at Alderley Edge School for Girls."

Mrs Langford, Headteacher at The Ryleys said "We are delighted to welcome our two classes of lovely Reception children into the main school - they look wonderful and so grown up in their new, smart uniforms. The children have made a terrific start and fully immersed themselves in all the opportunities on offer. Great work, Reception!"

Hannah McGuire, Headteacher at St Benedict's Catholic Primary School, said "It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the new Reception children this year - they are friendly and polite and are already settling in really well."

Miss Pengelly, Reception teacher at Lindow Community Primary School said "It's such a delight to see our new children arrive each day with a smile! They have settled quickly into new routines, are making new friends and enjoy exploring the learning environments and being helped by their Year 6 buddies."

Mrs L Dooley, Principal at Lacey Green Primary Academy, said "The Reception classes of 2022-23 have started their first school year at Lacey Green Primary Academy on Monday 5th September. The children have been fantastic at adapting and learning their new routines, meeting their new teachers and friends. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other! The new pupils have loved exploring their new classrooms and their outdoor environment. We have already learnt the children are artistic, love to build and also enjoy singing songs."

Esme said "I love playing on the bikes" while Tobias said "I enjoy eating lunch!". We all are looking forward to the exciting year ahead full of learning, self-discovery and fun."

Clare Daniel, Headteacher at St Anne's Fulshaw CE Primary, said "We are delighted with how fast the children have settled in. They have really made themselves at home and have enjoyed making new friends, attending assembly and playing and learning together.

"All of the existing pupils have made them so welcome and it already feels as though they've always been here. We are all looking forward to learning and growing with them as the year goes on."