New speakeasy bar set to open in Alderley Edge

34 London Road Cocktail

34 London Road will be the newest addition to the Alderley Edge bar scene.

This 1920's themed establishment will mimic the illicit, hidden bars that arose during the prohibition period in the US.

The company is remaining tight lipped on their exact location within the building occupied by Parea, which will remain and is a separate brand not connected to Parea.

The opening is hoped to be some time in September - but this is dependent on the completion of the building works currently taking place.

Going off what we know about the speakeasy culture, you can most likely expect to find craft cocktails, rules of entry and maybe even a hidden entrance.

During the Prohibition Era of the 1920s, the US government banned alcohol. As a result, illegal, hidden speakeasies arose as a means to continue selling alcohol.



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Joel Chadwick
Wednesday 17th August 2022 at 1:04 pm
Why does Alderley need yet another bar ? Just more anti social behaviour for residents to live with
Mark Eden
Tuesday 23rd August 2022 at 4:56 pm
It'll just be another place for Police Sniffer dogs to visit! Alderley is lost sadly.
Marcus Holt
Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 1:45 pm
Oh look, a new hospitality business is set to come to the village and the doom and gloom brigade are out!

Ant-social behaviour, if you check the Cheshire police website you will find that we actually have very little crime during the later hours the bars are open compared to the rest of Cheshire, I would say we actually get more anti social behaviour from the little darlings in the park who live in the village and yet can't seem to be controlled.

Police sniffer dogs - in the 6 years I have lived here, this is the first time I recall sniffer dogs finding drugs in any of the bars? Would be surprised if the dogs went in to any town or village on a weekend and didn't get a hit in most the places. Just to correct you, Alderley is not lost, in fact from what I see with house prices and rent prices its very much not lost, a sleepy little Cheshire village we are not, a vibrant place that people want to live and work in and also visit (day and night) it most certainly is and long may that continue.

Good luck to the new venture and any other that decides to start in the village, not sure this one is somewhere I would visit and is probably not aimed at me, but welcome all the same.
Alan Brough
Wednesday 24th August 2022 at 9:35 pm
Marcus Holt,

You won’t have seen much change in the six years that you’ve lived here but it’s fair to say that the village has seen a significant transition in the last two decades.

There has been a gradual move away from merchant trade and a corresponding shift toward Hospitality and Aesthetic businesses.

If that reflects the wishes and desires of the resident population then those businesses will thrive and prosper.

It remains to be seen if Alderley Edge can stave-off the effects of the forecast recession but I (for one) would like to see a more broad based retail offering in the village.

Hope that doesn’t make me a member of your “Doom & Gloom Brigade”
Marcus Holt
Thursday 25th August 2022 at 1:00 pm
Alan - Name a place in the country that has not changed in 20 years?, and Alderley Edge will also be a very different place in another 20 years.

Sadly the reason there is not a broad based retail offering (and never will be again) is because not enough will use it. I see people in Waitrose buying flowers, we have 2 florists, buying meat in Tesco, we a have a butchers, buying cakes in Waitrose, we have a bakers and all this whilst these retailers are open and across the road.

Any business that takes an empty space in the village needs to welcomed with open arms, even if its not your thing, we are losing our bank soon (only 9 customers use the in bank services as their only means of banking, surprised it lasted this long) and I hope we get an independent hospitality venue take it up, wouldn't really like to see offices however when a village or town stops attracting any businesses then it runs the risk of being a place that people don't want to live in or visit.

And no your not in the doom and gloom brigade, that's reserved for those that hear the words "new bar" and wrongly assume its detrimental to our village, it really isn't