Councillor Browne walking for youth charity and Ukraine Appeal

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Councillor Craig Browne is taking part in a sponsored walk this month to raise money for a youth mental health charity and the humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine.

On Friday 13th May, Congleton Councillor & Town Crier, Cllr Rob Moreton is walking from Congleton to Manchester and Councillor Browne will be joining him from Alderley Edge when he passes through the village at around 10.30am.

He will will raising funds for "Visyon" but will also be collecting on the day for the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

Councillor Craig Browne said "Visyon is a charity that I have long had an affiliation with, having worked as a freelance fundraiser to support their move to Fellowship House in Congleton, a few years ago. Throughout my working career, I have had a passion to support young people, particularly those at a time of transition of challenge. Visyon's objectives as a charity have a high level of synergy with my own values and I am delighted to be working with them as they seek to support young people in East Cheshire, particularly those struggling with mental health.

If you would like to sponsor Craig you can donate online at or join him at 10.30am on Friday 13th May to support the humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine.



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Raymond Walker
Thursday 5th May 2022 at 6:09 am
This is commendable action of Craig Browne and I wish him well.
I do worry about the route for donations because since the high-powered DEC started advertising their link with high street charities like Christian Aid, Oxfam, Red Cross and Save the Children. I found that to donate through Oxfam caused 9% to be deducted by Oxfam before handing over to DEC which takes another greedy 8% before handing the residue to the Ukrainians. The DEC total £300m some weeks ago. That means these charities are each pocketing some £24m for their office expenses. This is tantamount to stealing from the Ukrainians. UNICEF is the worst taking 31% they tell me.
VisyonEnthuse mentioned in this article is On-LIne Giving Ltd. and seems to be taking 8%. I hope is not going through the DEC to have an extra 8% deducted.
I find that the Association for Ukrainians in Great Britain [] have a branch in Manchester so I spoke to their Chairman who gave me their Barclays Bank, Cheetham Hill account to donate via BACS. I feel comforted that 100% of my donation is going directly to the cause.
Craig Browne
Thursday 5th May 2022 at 2:32 pm
Hi Raymond,

Thank you for your question and also for your support in this. I would like to reassure you that the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal and the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal are two separate endeavours. Any monies raised next Friday will be paid directly to the British Red Cross, who are working with their partners the International Red Cross and the Ukrainian Red Cross to ensure that humanitarian aid gets to those in need.

Visyon Ltd is a local charity, based in Congleton, which works with young people experiencing mental health difficulties across Cheshire East. I am advised that they use Enthuse as a fundraising platform and that as a charity they pay a subscription to use this service, rather than funds being deducted on a transaction by transaction basis. I hope this helps to provide you with the reassurance you are seeking.

Kind regards,