Parish Council clamps down on commercial banners and A-Boards


Members of Alderley Edge Parish Council have agreed to formally adopt Cheshire East Council's Banner Policy on Monday, 8th November to reduce "problems caused by signage when inappropriately placed, and reduce the detrimental effects such signage can have on the aesthetic of Alderley Edge."

As a result of adopting the Council's "Clear Way Forward" policy a maximum of one A-Board is allowed per business, and must be located immediately outside the front of the business premises and will only allowed on pavements where sufficient width of footway (min 1.8m) can be left clear and unobstructed for pedestrians.

Additionally A-Boards must be of sufficient weight or design to prevent them being blown over in wind and be of high quality and in colours which are sympathetic to the surrounding area. They should be removed from streets at the close of business and not be on display on days when events are being held in the village.

The document states "The Parish Council wishes to encourage businesses to embrace the usage of traditional overhead hanging signs as an alternative to A-Boards, which would enhance the streetscene and reduce the risk of obstruction."

Banners and signs can only be used to advertise public and community events only and not to promote private events, birthdays, businesses or promotions.

The Parish Council will work with Cheshire East Council to enforce compliance with the policy and ensure that offending A-Boards and banners are removed from public owned property and requests that no banners are placed on the railings on London Road directly opposite the Heyes Lane junction.

Th policy also states "Banners and signage for events should not be erected more than 4 weeks prior to the event, and should be removed within 48 hours of the event taking place.

"The Parish council reserves the right to remove and dispose of all banners that fail to meet with the requirements of this policy."

Councillor Mike Dudley-Jones said "We formally adopted our own policy to make our position clear as we get numerous enquiries from parties that want to erect banners; and parties that strongly object to them/consider them an eyesore.

"It's a tricky area and one where we would prefer not to be too 'draconian' about it especially when certain banners and signs are trying to inform the wider community. That said, placing signs opposite the Heyes Lane/London Road junction will not be allowed from now on as their siting could be a distraction to a driver at the junction.

"So both the long recruiting sign from John Lewis Partnership and our own Christmas Lights Festival Banner would not be allowed in future."

Photo: Banners on railings opposite Heyes Lane junction which breach the Banner Policy formally adopted by Alderley Edge Parish Council the previous week.



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Duncan Herald
Friday 19th November 2021 at 9:53 am
Who actually owns t metal railings opposite Heyes Lane junction?