Temporary measures reintroduced in schools where Covid rates are high

Children wearing facemasks in class

Measures that are being brought back on a school by school basis to help combat Covid infection rates.

Cheshire East Council has written to parents and carers of children at schools and colleges across the borough explaining the temporary measures that are being introduced where Covid rates are high.

Measures such as the wearing of face masks in communal areas, reduced mixing in assemblies as well as additional testing facilities will be applied on a school-by-school basis depending on infection rates.

The letter explains that the number of positive cases of school-aged children across the borough continues to increase and that the enhanced temporary measures will be introduced with immediate effect.

The letter sets out that where one person in a household tests positive, children and young people from that household, who attends school or college should:

  • Limit their social contacts;
  • Arrange for a PCR test and should not attend school or college for a minimum of five days; and
  • If the test result is positive the person should self-isolate, as required by law.

Additional school measures will also include:

  • Face masks in communal areas and classrooms depending on the number of cases; and
  • Reduced mixing in assembles and other indoor activities across classes/year groups.

Matt Tyrer, director of public health at Cheshire East Council, said: "The vaccination programme for young people aged 12-15 has now started. Successful implementation of the vaccination of young people in this age group this will be a key factor in reducing positive cases and transmission. We would encourage parents and carers to consider providing consent for their children."

Jacky Forster, director of education at Cheshire East Council, said: "We will continue to monitor the case numbers in schools and other education settings and will step down these temporary measures as soon as infection rates start to reduce.

"We want to emphasise our commitment to minimising disruption in schools and these measures are being introduced, so we can ensure the safety of children and staff, maximise attendance, reduce transmission and ensure schools remain open."

Photo: Children wearing facemasks in class. Source: Getty



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Andy Brown
Monday 18th October 2021 at 8:13 am
The iron curtain descends on schools.

Cheshire East is turning into East Germany.