A big day for little ones starting primary school

Little ones across Alderley Edge and Wilmslow took a big step this week as they embarked on a new adventure with their first day at primary school.

As the new term began they set off in their new uniforms with shiny shoes and big smiles to meet their new teachers and make new friends.

Lindsey Walsh, headteacher at Alderley Edge Community Primary School said "We are extremely pleased and proud of with how well our new reception class have settled into school. They have made new friends, explored their new classroom and the wider school environment. The children have had a fantastic time and their teachers have loved getting to know the children and started to build positive relationships to enable all the children to flourish in their reception year."

Clare Daniel, Headteacher at St Anne's Fulshaw Primary School said "We are delighted to welcome all the Reception children in Class 1 to our school family. We have a mixture of siblings and families who are new to the school this year and we are really looking forward to getting to know them. All of the children who have joined us across the school have settled in so quickly and are looking forward to a year of learning and fun."

Hannah Rowark, Class Teacher at Lacey Green Primary Academy, said "We have had a great first few days welcoming lots of happy new faces to the Lacey Green family. We have had lots of fun getting to know each other, and their new school, and we can't wait to see what fun the year will bring!"

Miss Pengelly, Reception teacher at Lindow Community Primary School said "The Reception children have made a fantastic start and arrive each day with a smile! They have settled quickly into new routines, are making new friends and enjoy exploring the learning environments."

Mr David Goulbourn, Headmaster at Pownall Hall School said "We are delighted to welcome 22 families into our two Reception classes this year. It is such a privilege that we have to care for and guide them on the start of their school journey.

"The children have all settled in so well and are already using and exploring our fantastic facilities and beautiful 8 acres of grounds; this is not so surprising when many have already had years of experiencing it within our wonderful Nursery and Kindergarten provision.

"Children flourish when they are given the space, time, care and attention to do so, and our 2021 Reception classes have been ready and eager to start their school Pownall learning journey from day one. They have already experienced our specialist teaching including French from Madame Pettecrew, yoga from our inspiring yogini, music in our beautiful theatre with the brilliant Mrs Thomson, exploring Forest School with our amazing Rangers, PE on the astro with our super Head of PE, science in our laboratory, and in addition they cannot wait to start specialist I.T. to start after Christmas!"

Julia Langford, Headteacher at The Ryleys, said "We are delighted to welcome our new classes for Reception 2021. The children have thoroughly enjoyed their first few days and have made everyone very proud with how confidently they have settled in. Well done, Reception and your teachers!"