Allotment holders sign new lease to secure their future

Alderley Edge Allotments and Gardens Society Ltd (AEAGS) has signed a new 20-year lease with the Parish Council, enabling allotment holders to garden on the Heyes Lane site for many years to come.

Andy Burnett, Chairman, AEAGS said "We at AEAGS are delighted the site is now on a secure footing for the foreseeable future enabling us to focus on developing our plots and honing our horticultural skills."

To coincide with the National Allotments Week, which takes place between August 9th and 15th, they will be opening their gates on Saturday 14th August between 10am-4pm.

Past members, new members, interested parties and local residents are invited to view our site and members will be happy to answer your questions.

Maureen Carey, Secretary of AEAGS said "Alderley Edge has three separate allotment sites; Heyes Lane, Beech Close and Chorley Hall Lane. Of the three sites, two are located away from the public eye but the Heyes Lane allotments are constantly on display. With this in mind the drive is to improve the allotments, winning people hearts and minds over in support of the site.

"The Society has already made good progress, the new pedestrian and main gate transformed the main entrance making access far easier and with the new orchard in place, spring bulbs planted and roses now providing a welcome display of colour, the overall message is clear – the site looks more attractive, loved and cared for than in many a year."

Additionally, a 3-year plan is being developed by the Heyes Lane Board. The team is aiming to transform Heyes Lane Allotments into an asset of which the village can be proud. Any interested parties who might wish to support this initiative should email Andy Burnett, Chair AEAGS at [email protected].



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Duncan Herald
Friday 30th July 2021 at 7:35 am
Protection against becoming a car park?
Christine Munro
Friday 30th July 2021 at 7:50 am
It’s a credit to you. It looks beautiful
Richard Downs
Saturday 31st July 2021 at 6:39 am
Duncan, I think protection from a car park was the 9-0 whitewash of the previous council who stood on this as their primary mandate.
Not just 1 or 2 councillors gone, all 9. Even the party chair on north west tonight was embarrassed to say what happened.
Duncan Herald
Monday 2nd August 2021 at 8:45 am
Hi Richard
that was then and this is now.
Do you believe that the village needs more parking space?
If so, where would you suggest?
Richard Downs
Monday 2nd August 2021 at 11:51 am
Hi Duncan,

If you believe things have changed then by all means stand at the next parish election with this as your mandate.
David Hadfield
Monday 2nd August 2021 at 6:51 pm
Hi Duncan,
The logical site for an overspill car park are the Heyes Lane Allotments !
Duncan Herald
Tuesday 3rd August 2021 at 8:20 am
Hi Richard,
no thanks; I did my bit so let the younger folk have a go.
But you didn't answer my questions i.e. do you believe that the village needs more parking and if so where would you suggest ?

Hi David,
as it happens I agree with you, but we may be a minority and we do live in a democracy!

Just a thought; back when, there was a multi-swap proposed re. allotments etc. It didn't work,
Might it be possible to extract one part of that swap ?. seek use of the ex-Sr. Hilary's games field (now owned by AESG) and ask the Heyes Lane Allotments users to move to that field (larger than the Heyes Lane site) thus freeing up the Heyes Lane site for a car park (partly for shoppers and partly for the use of the medical Centre?)
Always assuming that AESG would participate?
Or has this possibility already been looked at by the Neighbourhood Plan people and/or the Parish Council?
Alan Brough
Tuesday 3rd August 2021 at 3:05 pm
Hi Duncan,

It's like deja-vu all over again!

Does there come a point when people accept that the sacrifice of valuable, publicly-owned, recreational space is too high a price to pay to ensure that the fashionistas are able to park their gas-guzzlers right outside the bar / restaurant / school of their choice?

Of course there comes a was in 2015 when the good people of Alderley Edge voted 9-0 against a Parish Council that was advocating just such a sacrifice.

The main issues with parking in Alderley Edge are caused by an unwillingness of people to walk more than a few yards to achieve their aim - witness the chaos around AESG every morning and afternoon and the careless parking around the bars and restaurants. A car park at Heyes Lane (or CHL) is unlikely to improve either situation. Often the car park in Ryleys Lane is empty whilst there are cars parked on the pavement outside Piccolinos just a few short yards away.

I'm afraid I remain with Joni Mitchell on this one - "You dont know what you've got 'til its gone!"
Duncan Herald
Tuesday 3rd August 2021 at 5:42 pm
Hi Alan,
if you talk to the shopkeepers in the village, they say that a lack of parking lowers the footfall. Do you want to see the traders fail, leaving charity shops and bars/restaurants?

Are you against the idea I suggested above? Would you support any such move by the Neighbourhood Plan folk or the Parish Council.?

I get the Joni M. quote but extend it to cover losing the village?

Just a thought