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No matter what life throws at you, we generally pick ourselves up and carry on. But when pain strikes whether it be when you're just getting out of bed, climbing the stairs, going a run or trying to enjoy a lovely country walk, it's time to act.

What's causing the pain?

Common problems can be:

Heel pain - this can be caused through ill-fitting shoes, stepping from a step awkwardly, playing sports.

Pain in toes - when muscles are pulling incorrectly on the toes causing injury or bunions, making them bend/claw so pressing on each other and forming pressure from footwear.

Discomfort in the ball or mid foot this can be structural changes, nerves being compressed or damaged structures in the arch.

Constant ankle sprains or achillies tendonopathies can be from muscle weaknesses, over exerting certain muscle groups.

Shin or calf pain when just taking a walk or run, these are some of the things that we look at when taking a history of what has been happening.

Knee pain - does your knee ache, swell, become painful when going up or down stairs or feel weak. This is such a complex structure with muscles and ligaments crossing over and surrounding the knee cap. Causes can be muscle weakness, injury/trauma, arthritis.

Hip and lower back pain can severely impact your mobility, again this can occur from the slightest of movements, sometimes it can be muscle weakness, pelvic tilt, leg length difference.

Here at Alderley Edge Foot Clinic, we are open as normal and able to offer you all treatments so we can assess, diagnose, give you a strategy of how to alleviate or help with the cause. We offer a Muscular Skeletal Biomechanical Assessment, examining the structures and range of motion in each of the joints in the lower limb. We can offer strapping, specialist exercises for your condition, bespoke orthotics if needed or referral for further investigation. Coming soon shock-wave therapy is an effective non-surgical treatment for painful conditions.


"I had heel pain on and off for about seven years and saw two other Podiatrists, after having a biomechanical assessment and the treatment at Alderley Edge Foot Clinic my symptoms have gone and I'm back walking my eight miles without pain." (D.R. A/Edge)

Clinic News

Our new treatment now available is Pedisafe nail reconstruction, this new procedure is an enhancing remodelling of an unsightly toenail. This is a complete bespoke prosthetic nail. Who would benefit from this treatment? Both men & women, anyone who has fungal nails, psoriatic nails, onychauxis (thickened nail), split nails, subungual corns (corns under nail), involuted nails or even if you have no nail present. Call the clinic for details.

Welcome our new associate Iulia Rusu she has a wealth of knowledge to offer, coming from Manchester University hospital foundation trust working in the diabetic clinics, concentrating in vascular assessment in the lower limb. Iulia is competent in all aspects of Podiatry.

Covid update

We are currently in a national lockdown, Podiatrists are medical professionals which means all patients are permitted to be treated. At Alderley Edge Foot Clinic our standards of practice are at its highest level, using full PPE with mask, visor, gloves and an apron plus a screen between yourself and us whilst being treated. We have allowed extra time in between appointments and a one-way system so there is no cross over in the waiting room. we also have a QR code for you to scan in as part of the of the NHS track and trace. If you are shielding and need an appointment don't hesitate to contact us. We can arrange a video consultation or home visit if needed or you can't get to the clinic.
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