Plans to convert former stationery shop into 'authentic chicken cafe and restaurant'


Plans have been submitted to open a new cafe/restaurant in Wilmslow Town Centre.

Firat Altindag is applying to change the use of the retail unit at 10 Water Lane, which has been empty since Paperchase closed in August 2019, to enable him to open an "authentic chicken cafe and restaurant".

The application states "After the Covid-19 situation, he would like to provide healthy and fresh food for clients with cafe-restaurant-takeaway and collection".

The cafe/restaurant would occupy the ground and first floors of the vacant property and the proposed opening hours are 12pm until 11pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 11pm on Sunday and Bank Holidays.

The plans can be viewed on the Cheshire East Planning Portal by searching for reference 21/0227M.



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David Smith
Tuesday 26th January 2021 at 4:58 pm
I can see this being a disaster. There are double yellow lines outside and the premises are near the traffic lights. There are two lanes - one for bearing left and the other for turning right. We all know what is going to happen, don't we if there is a 'takeaway' facility. Vehicles will stop outside with the excuse - "I am just stopping briefly officer to collect a takeaway". Stopping for this reason will hold up the traffic bearing left and effectively make the approach to the lights a single lane.
I suggest the new business not to be allowed a takeaway facility. Similarly a delivery service should not be allowed as there will be scooters parked in front of the premises both in the road and on the pavement.
Not sure what on earth an "authentic chicken cafe and restaurant" might be. Anyone have a clue? Do they propose to serve authentic chicken as opposed to unauthentic [plastic] chicken? Such a declaration isn't likely to have me rushing through the door as soon as it opens.
Why can't restaurants just serve up decent grub without any fuss or a fancy name?
Caspar Nelson
Tuesday 26th January 2021 at 6:27 pm
I say bravo and good luck to anyone brave enough to open a brand new business on a high street at a time like this, I wish it every success. Wilmslow already has far too many vacant commercial premises and it’s a trend only set to get worse. We should all be celebrating and supporting new businesses wherever we can.

To suggest it should be denied the ability to offer a takeaway service which would render it unable to trade during any lockdown scenario is bizarre. As is to suggest the food is not “decent grub” when you openly admit you openly have no idea what it even is!

I’ve never posted before but your comment is so blinkered, negative and the opposite of what this town, community and society at large needs, I felt compelled to comment.

Good luck to this new business, I for one can’t wait to discover what an authentic chicken cafe and restaurant is. Sounds delicious.
Alan Brough
Tuesday 26th January 2021 at 8:40 pm
Hi Caspar,

I’d love to share your boundless optimism, really I would.

However, the combination of extortionate rent and rates in Wilmslow, coupled with the transient loyalty of the towns “Twitteratti” basically conspire against them.

The track record of “eateries” in Wilmslow over recent years has been calamitous.

The attitude of Landlords and the local Council seems to be a very complacent “ Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.” Frankly, I think the nascent businesses and the good people of Wilmslow deserve much better.