Cheshire Police fine 58 Covid-19 rule-breakers over the weekend

Cheshire Constabulary is urging residents to stay at home and stick to the rules after issuing more fines last weekend than during the month of December.

Officers have been out and about in local communities engaging, explaining and encouraging people to comply with the coronavirus regulations to help protect the NHS and save lives.

However, over the course of the weekend, a total of 58 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) had to be issued across the county as a result of blatant breaches of the rules. In comparison, a total of 21 FPNs were issued across the county in December.

Most of these reports related to parties and gatherings. A number of vehicles were also stopped carrying multiple occupants who were not from the same household or the Cheshire area and were travelling without a reasonable excuse.

In Crewe, officers issued three FPNs after a BBQ was held at a property while in Chester, eight FPNs were issued to people attending a house party after reports of loud music.

In Warrington, four FPNs were issued at a children's birthday party, with one of the adults having travelled from Birmingham to attend.

Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Sims said: "We have been living with some form of restrictions for around 10 months now and we have had to make incredible sacrifices in order to keep the ones we love safe.

"The majority of people living in Cheshire have been sticking to the rules in place and I would like to thank them for doing so.

"However, there is a minority who continue to blatantly and repeatedly flout the rules in place. This is not acceptable.

"Our officers will continue to engage, explain and encourage but when they are met with these persistent rule breakers who have no regard for the safety of others, we must do what we can to protect the NHS and save lives."

New regulations were put in place on Wednesday 6th January to ensure people stay at home and avoid all non-essential travel – unless it is for one of the following reasons:

• To shop for basic necessities
• To exercise
• To go to work if you cannot do so from home
• To escape risk of harm

People can leave their homes to exercise outside alone, with members of the same household, linked household or linked childcare household (for children under the age of 13).

Residents can also meet with one other person who is not a member of a linked or same household for exercise in a public outdoor space.

ACC Sims added: "With the new variant of the virus it is now more important than ever that we follow the restrictions in place and do all we can to stop the spread.

"The guidance is clear about staying at home. In Cheshire, we are lucky to have a great amount of green spaces and beauty spots but if we are exercising, we must do our best to keep it local.

"Officers will do their job in keeping you safe and, in turn, we need you to follow the rules and stick to the guidance, which is in place to help protect you – and others."

There are other exceptions to the rules which can be found on the Government website.



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Chris Jones
Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 11:21 pm
I bet the bloke parked at Wilmslow high for an hour today didn’t issue any.
Are we going to have to put up with this drivel all the way to April so that the incompetent can try to justify an above 7% rise in council tax.
Tony Haluradivth
Thursday 21st January 2021 at 9:11 am
Well said Chris....have you seen the PCC's dodgy online survey asking residents to approve another big money grab? It is totally rigged as the same person can just send in infinite replies. He will get all his lackeys in the Force to fill it out saying yes to the rate rise and then come back on this platform (insulting our intelligence) by saying CEC residents voted unanimously for the "fleecing" ;)
Pete Taylor
Thursday 21st January 2021 at 9:37 pm
@Chris Jones, I don't suppose he could have been taking his lunch break and filling in the mountain of electronic "paper-work" he has to deal with?