Cheshire leaders plan for local test and trace system

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Leaders from Cheshire East, Cheshire West and Chester, Warrington and Halton Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chair of the Local Enterprise Partnership, and their senior officers, met on Monday, 2nd November, to assess the implications of this weekend's announcement by the Prime Minister.

The Outbreak Coordination Group which overseas Cheshire's response to covid-19 strongly endorse the renewed message to Stay At Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

The Chair of the Leaders Board, Councillor Sam Corcoran, said: "We have spoken out over the last eight months, when the government was slow to act, failed to deliver critical support, relied too heavily on opaque national commercial contracts, didn't provide enough certainty to protect jobs and businesses, and made announcements without proper consultation with local government. But, given where we now are, the pressures on our NHS, and the advice of national and local public health experts, we support the government's decision to introduce a time-limited national lockdown."

Speaking about an effective system for testing, contact tracing, and support to isolate being a precondition for a successful exit, the Outbreak Coordination Group believe a localised system has been demonstrated to deliver more success at containing the virus than the national system which still contains significant gaps.

Therefore the group agreed to bring forward a detailed plan for a localised test, trace and isolate system, to be fully operational at the conclusion of the lockdown period, enabling local businesses to re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

Councillor Louise Gittins, Chair of the Outbreak Coordination Group which overseas Cheshire's response to covid-19, added "We now need to use this time to make a difference beyond November. We need an exit strategy. By using this time to put in place the right local and national systems, we can put ourselves in a better position to keep the virus under control through Christmas and into 2021."



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Vic Barlow
Wednesday 4th November 2020 at 11:01 am
Cheshire East in charge Track and Trace!
What could possibly go wrong????
Jinnie Edwards
Thursday 5th November 2020 at 11:16 am
From the fiasco of the 5-year Housing Plan which has led to excess building on greenfield sites... and it is still happening, Sam and his merry band has a lot to answer for. Actually, though I have the answer - all these houses bring in extra Council Tax - where does all that money go? Definitely not filling potholes on the roads - we had damaged tyres that cost £500 to replace, but no accountability by C. East

Sam Corcoran is all about climate change and not much else.

I cannot see how Cheshire East can reliably co-ordinate the process that needs to take place. Apart from wanting C. East to go into Tier 2, presumably to claim more money from the Government; having daily updates about the virus from Sam, which are read by very few people. Myself and a lot of people I know, have absolutely no confidence in C. East.

C. East claims it has no spare money, yet hundreds of thousands of pounds has been wasted on putting employees (who have been replaced for various reasons) on garden leave. Acting Chief Executives, again excessively paid. The list is endless of huge mismanagement of both people and finances - yet they are never called to account.