'Car thieves are becoming even more bold!'


A Wilmslow resident is warning owners of keyless cars about the risk of theft.

Berkeley Thirsk had his Range Rover stolen off his driveway on Chesham Road, despite both keys being kept in a Faraday pouch.

Having heard a vehicle start up which sounded very close by, he looked out the backdoor to see his car disappearing up the road.

He told wilmslow.co.uk "The whole operation took about 20 seconds.

"I dialled 999 and the police were there in two minutes flat and were magnificent. With help from Trackstar the car was traced to Dukinfield where it was parked up whilst the thieves wrecked the car interior trying to find the tracker."

The vehicle was left with extensive damage internally as they had ripped out all the interior panels and lining whilst searching for the tracker unit. Additionally they had damaged the exterior and one of the wheels.

Berkley added "I want to warn others with keyless cars to beware - even with a Faraday pouch or wallet, if the criminals want to take your car, they can and it takes no time at all.

"I now have to pay the excess on my insurance, have a perfectly good car ruined and maybe even written off, have to wait weeks whilst it might be repaired and then have to pay more for future insurance."



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Tony Haluradivth
Friday 30th October 2020 at 4:37 pm
There really was nothing wrong with the good old key and electric door fob. What advantage is the keyless system..someone please enlighten me?? Once we adopt this crazy new tech there is no way back. Gone are the days of sticking one's head under the bonnet and buying a spare part as everything is done on stupid computer diagnostics. Be warned tech progress is not always progress when this sort of thing happens
David Smith
Friday 30th October 2020 at 7:45 pm
Another example of the 'blind faith' we are all accepting as part of life in the future after being told that technology will make us a better life. There will be downsides too and this is an example of failed technology that has turned out to be completely useless. Even the tracker system has turned out to be a pyrrhic victory as poor old Mr Thirsk will now be considerably out of pocket by the time he gets his car back on the road. Good to hear that the police did their bit very well.
Next up will be driverless cars that we will be assured is the best thing since 'unsliced bread'. Insurance companies might have a different view with litigation when an accident happens being very complicated to decide which software was to blame!