Keeping the village blooming in autumn

Autumn is a busy season in the Alderley Edge in Bloom calendar with the voluntary group having recently purchased 200 kilos of mixed narcissus bulbs so our village looks beautiful next spring.

As well as planting them along Wilmslow Road and around the village in recent weeks volunteers have continue to make improvements to the wooded area near the parade which they refer to as the Waitrose Woodland.

Leslie Cox, Chairman of Alderley Edge in Bloom said "Pernicious weeds have been removed, paths for safe access have been laid down and some very interesting features added for the interest of our younger residents. Take your time to look along the railings between the bridge and the steps for further attractive displays to surprise and delight our children.

"October is the month we change our displays in the planters along Waitrose railings. We will be preparing for the winter by planting them up with skimmias, dwarf conifers, ivies, violas, mini cyclamens, grasses, primroses, gaultherias, dwarf irises and dwarf daffodils. We have also purchased additional perennials to add to our wooden planters on London Road. These were planted at the end of September."

All of this gardening work is in addition to the weekly litter picks carried out by the team of volunteers. As part of the Keep Britain Tidy autumn initiative volunteers have completed weekend litter picks on the bypass, at the Edge and at the station, where they worked with Network Rail and the Alderley Edge Station Volunteers Group.

If you are interested in making even the smallest of contributions to our work please contact Leslie Cox the Chair of Alderley Edge in Bloom on 07774 488458 or email him

Alderley Edge In Bloom


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Roy West
Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 6:45 pm
Well done to all of you, we see you out in all weathers improving the appearance of our village and the difference over the past few years has been amazing! After the problems we have suffered this year it will be heartening to see the displays of bulbs next spring heralding a better year for us all.
Tony Haluradivth
Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 7:52 am
They do a great job agreed and I would love to see them set the lead by chucking out those horribly ubiquitous hi vis jackets beloved by Brits. Unless they were working in the highway litter picking etc. I can't see the need for them in a Park. The HSE have a LOT to answer for
Kelvin Briggs
Friday 30th October 2020 at 2:59 pm
Thanks Tony and Roy,
It’s great for Alderley Edge in Bloom to be seen as a positive influence in the village. Our Two Gold awards in the North West in Bloom competitions have been enjoyable successes .
Alderley Edge in Bloom volunteers enjoy making Alderley Edge village a greener , cleaner, more beautiful place to live in. We strive to grow pride in the village.

Wearing the Yellow Hi Viz is as you mention a sensible precaution when we litter pick the local streets and I feel that’s a vital safety measure.

We don’t work in the park other than the odd litter pick, we leave that to Ansa Services , Cheshire East and the Parish Council to develop plans to make the park amazing, hopefully with more planting displays in the future.

Our yellow Hi Viz jackets have the ‘Alderley Edge in Bloom Group ‘ name on the the back and it’s pleasing that folk stop to chat when they meet us and give verbal thanks and sometimes financial donations .

We raise 100% of our own funds to buy plants and planters and litter picking equipment .

The yellow Hi Viz jackets are in some respects a marketing tool for us , with our name on the back differentiating us from other local stakeholders.

For these reasons we won’t be ditching them, we wear them with pride.
Maybe we need a new colour , what are your thoughts Tony? Lime green could be striking!
If anyone is inspired to join us to help plant and litter pick or help out at our allotment at Chorley Hall Lane allotment site, please contact Leslie Cox, he’d love to hear from you .