Royal London puts former green belt land up for sale


A parcel of land located opposite the Royal London campus and west of Alderley Road, which was released from the green belt in order to assist the Council in achieving a five year supply of housing, has been put on the market.

In March 2018, Royal London were granting planning permission for up to 60 homes on the 9.1 acre site, which is now referred to as 'Westlands'.

Mike Brassington, Director of Residential Development at Colliers International, said "Westlands represents an excellent opportunity for a housebuilder to acquire a 'ready to go' site in a desirable and well-established residential area.

"Being generally level and rectangular in shape the site naturally lends itself to development and will be attractive to housebuilders, whilst the prominent road frontage makes for a highly accessible site from both a construction and occupational perspective."

Brassington continued "Fulshaw Park is located within walking distance from the highly desirable town centre of Wilmslow, which boasts a wide range of local amenities including excellent schools as well as high-end retail and leisure facilities. The site's prominence on Alderley Road, the 'southern gateway' to Wilmslow, means it also benefits from proximity to Alderley Edge; an equally desirable town within Cheshire's 'Golden Triangle'."

Colliers is also advising Royal London on a redevelopment/disposal strategy for the wider Fulshaw Park campus, following Royal London's announcement that it is to relocate to nearby Alderley Park by 2021.

Royal London were also granted planning permission in 2016 for a new office development at their Alderley Road campus. However, in October 2017 the company announced it would be moving out of Wilmslow, from their current site at Alderley Road to Alderley Park.

The wider Fulshaw Park site will be redeveloped to create a 'living campus' incorporating 17,000 sq m of new office space, suitable for occupiers of varying sizes, with up to 1,100 car parking spaces and the creation of new pedestrian and cycle routes. The northern part of the site has outline planning permission for a further 120 homes.

Royal London


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Ian Forde-Smith
Friday 23rd October 2020 at 3:24 pm
What an absolute farce - destroying green belt and farm land to make way for housing - Cheshire East you’re an utter disgrace !!

So yet again we have a site up for development under the guise of meeting housing supply outlined in Cheshire East’s master plan, despite the fact there are more than enough brownfield and infill sites in and around Wilmslow that would more than meet the supply needs - it’s just easier and lazier to rip up a field or two !!!

So ignore all the locals who’ve objected and raised serious concerns over the traffic issues this road already has at peak times and not to mention the continued flooding the road experiences which developing out this site would make even worse.

This site should be left as green belt and farmland. Shame on you Royal London and Shame on you Cheshire East.
Pete Taylor
Friday 23rd October 2020 at 4:24 pm
@Ian Forde-Smith, as someone who has been fighting against this for several years (I have a Covenant with RL which forbids the erection of any building, for all time on those agricultural fields) I cannot agree that Cheshire East Council ARE a disgrace but when the previous administration voted to remove Green Belt protection they WERE a disgrace.

Several Wilmslow Councillors (all now out of office) plus the Alderley Councillor (also long gone) voted against an amendment to the Local Plan which would have kept several pieces of land around Alderley and Wilmslow in the Green Belt. They voted with their Party and against the wishes of the electorate. That is why we now have so many Independent Parish, Town and CE Councillors.
Duncan Herald
Sunday 25th October 2020 at 4:26 pm
There is often mention of brownfield sites.
Is there anywhere one might find a list of ones in Cheshire East? Preferably without obfuscatory gobbledygook!
Roger Bagguley
Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 6:05 pm
Duncan: It used to be the case the Strategic Housing Land Availability Audit (SHLAA) was updated every year. Any landowner, including householders registered their wish to have their land developed. Using this audit RoW identified over 150 houses could be built in Wilmslow on brownfield sites as a contribution towards the 900 required of the Local Plan. Most of these sites are now developed but they were rejected at the time as most were still viable businesses But RoW spoke to the landowners. They would not have put their land on the SHLAA if they did not want to attract developers.