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Say goodbye to fungal nail

Fungal spores are called Dermatophytes these live harmlessly on the skin as part of our body's natural flora. Fungi can often multiply and lead to infection in dark, warm and moist environments such as the feet. Fungal nail infections are common and can affect both the fingernails and the toenails. The problem usually affects more men than women and becomes more common the older you become.

Seeing a podiatrist can help diagnose and treat this condition. A fungal nail infection causes visual changes to the nail. It causes the nail to change colour, thicken and become brittle. As the infection progresses the nails will start to produce a distinct odour. Around half of all nail problems are due to fungal nail infections. Fungal nail infections are common, they're not serious but they can take a long time to treat.

What causes it?

Damage or trauma to the nail allows the spore to get underneath and into the nails fibres.

Certain shoes can cause the feet to become hot and sweaty which can lead the fungi to multiply quickly.

Not keeping the feet clean and dry can also speed up the infection risk.

Now is the time to treat those nails

At Alderley Edge Foot Clinic we pride ourselves in treating all foot conditions, by simply taking a small sample of nail we can test it and have a result within five minutes. If there is a fungal present, we can advise on what treatments are on offer and what best suites you.

Lacuna Nail Fenestration Method

This revolutionary technique has been developed over the last 15 years, it involves reducing the thickness of the nail, putting perforations through the dead fungal nail, to allow a spray on treatment to penetrate through the holes and kill the fungal spores at the core of their breeding ground.

Alderley Edge Foot Clinic offers a course of the Lacuna Nail Fenestration Method. The treatment involves you applying a treatment daily, attending the clinic for five appointments over six months allowing time for the fungus to grow out. Lacuna Nail Fenestration Method has enabled us to treat more stubborn, unsightly fungal nail infections.


"My toenail was unsightly, I had fungal nail for approximately 2 years, I had tried other topical treatments that hardly improved the nail. After having the Lacuna Nail Fenestration the improvement is clearly visible and putting on a daily spray before putting my socks on was easy to remember. I would recommend this treatment". (C.S from A/Edge)

"I had fungal nail which covered about a 1/3 of my nail for about 3 years, I had tablets from GP and used other treatments. I would recommend the Lacuna Nail fenestration as the treatment was fine and the spray was easy to use if you are a routine type of person" (from Wilmslow)

Other treatments available

Topical treatments

As podiatrists we can prescribe antifungal treatments that you can't buy over the counter. These are generally a lacquer type solution that is painted on to the nail on a weekly basis.

Oral treatments

These are tablets prescribed by your GP, these are taken daily for approximately 6/9 months with blood tests done regularly to check for side effects. Before treatment a nail dermatophyte test is done to ake sure it is fungal effecting the nail.

Other news

We would like to welcome our new Podiatrist Iulia Rusu who will be at Alderley Edge Foot Clinic on Wednesdays and Saturdays. She comes with a wealth of experience after doing her Masters of Podiatric Surgery and working in the NHS specialising in the diabetic foot.

Covid up-date

We are currently in Tier 2. At Alderley Edge Foot Clinic our standards of practice are at its highest level. Keeping you safe and protected as possible. We have a QR Code for you to scan in as part of the track and trace. You are still able to attend your appointment as usual.

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