Kelly Clarkson surprises 10-year old poet with a life-changing opportunity

A 10-year-old girl budding poet from Wilmslow appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week and was blown away when the host surprised her with a trip of a lifetime.

Ebony Errington-Beech was interviewed on the American television talk show by the American singer Kelly Clarkson about the poem she wrote for British hero Captain Tom Moore for his 100th Birthday, to say thank you for all he has done raising over £33m for the NHS.

Ebony performed her poem live on the show, which was published a national anthology along with 100 other poets called 'Poems for a Pandemic' to raise money for NHS charities together.

While on the show Ebony, who attends Alderley Edge Community Primary School, also met Amanda Gorman, the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman who surprised her with a life-changing opportunity.

Amanda Gorman told the aspiring writer "Ebony I love your poetry. I love you. You're poetry is beautiful, you're beautiful. I mean, everything you have to say is great. And if you're up for it, I would love to continue this relationship.

"I would love to mentor you and stay in touch and keep reading your poetry and hopefully one day, when all of this, you know, becomes a memory I would love if we could meet together in person."

Kelly Clarkson added "We wanna help you and Amanda get together ion person. That's why, as soon as it's safe to travel, we're flying you and your mom or mum, whichever, here to LA for a poetry jam with Amanda."

Her mother Vanessa said "We are still all in a bit of shock. We are very grateful to The Kelly Clarkson show, Kelly, and Amanda. It's a huge opportunity for Ebony. We are extremely proud of her and as long as she's happy and enjoying it all that's all we want for her."

Ebony said "I was so happy & to meet Kelly and Amanda Gorman. I actually cried happy tears for about an hour after the show. I am so excited to go to L.A. It's been my dream since I was little."

She added "Amanda Gorman an amazing poet and I am so excited to be mentored by her. I hope to be as great as her one day."