Reader's Letter: The last harvest?

Back on the 28th February 2014 at a special meeting of Cheshire East Council, held at Crewe Alexandra Football Club, the Local Plan Strategy was discussed.

One very important amendment to the proposal to remove land from Green Belt protection was made;

"That the following strategic sites be deleted from the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy:-

CS26 – Royal London, Wilmslow

CS27 – Wilmslow Business Park

CS30 – Handforth East Growth Village

CS34 – (Safeguarded) Handforth East Growth Village

CS35 - (Safeguarded) PrestburyRoad, Wilmslow

CS36 - (Safeguarded) Upcast Lane, Wilmslow

CS7 – Shavington East"

With the exception of Cllr Fitzgerald, all of our Conservative councillors voted with their Party and against this amendment.

As a result the only piece of green space on Alderley Road between Wilmslow town and the Alderley border (Whitehall Bridge) has been lost; the proposal is to build 75 houses on the agricultural fields to the West of Alderley Road. Along with this the owners of the land, Royal London, intend to develop their existing site within the green Belt, with a mixture of housing and business units; this despite there being an advertisment for empty offices to rent in place on their frontage for at least the past 20 years!

Why did our representatives vote against the expressed will of their electorate?

None of them has ever put forward an explanation. After the event, some of them saw that they were completely out of step with their voters and abstained from subsequent votes, some did not and continue to support the proposals, one of them has now said that he supports the development on the RL main site but not on the agricultural fields- too late, your critical vote is in the records.

Above are some photographs taken this week of what might be the last crop in the fields- can you imagine what 75 houses will look like here? I'm guessing exactly like Adlington ("these fields will never be built on") Road.

Any comments from the Councillors involved?

Reader's Letter