Barlow's Beef: Another smack in the face for Wilmslow residents


Sometimes I wonder if there is any point trying to comprehend any decision Cheshire East make.

'Huge disappointment as town's views have been ignored in Local Plan,' screamed our Wilmslow headline on Dec 21.

Councillor Keith Purdom for the Wilmslow Town Council meeting on Monday, 19th December, stated that the views expressed both in writing and in person to the Inspector have been ignored.

"So after years of consultation, many meetings, written and verbal input to CEC and the Inspector the bottom line is that the Inspector has increased the number of completions for Wilmslow by 10 - yes really."

Neighbourhood plans were paramount so said Cheshire East encouraging communities to voice their opinions. Localism was the name of the game.

So here we are again with two community groups hoping to transform the derelict Rectory Stables, which is situated adjacent to Wilmslow Leisure Centre Car Park, into a community hub.

Wilmslow Trust and Transition Wilmslow submitted a bid to Cheshire East to convert the stables to provide a meeting room that could seat 30-40 people and exhibition space for information on the town's local heritage.

Instead, Cheshire East Council selected Lyme Design and Build Limited and have agreed to enter into a 10 year lease with the company, which proposes to use the site for an office and storage.

If anyone can see the logic in a council promoting localism snubbing two Wilmslow community groups in favour of a Stockport based building company I have yet to meet them.

This is just another arrogant smack in the face for local residents who pay for a council to represent them not trample over their views. Arrogance and indifference does not cover it.

I actually discussed the topic with a Conservative councillor who expressed astonishment at the council decision.

"Why do they do it?" I asked.

"Because they can," came the reply.

This Tory councillor was as disappointed as I with the total lack of any effective opposition.

Let's cut to the chase as our American friends say: CEC are NOT interested in the opinions of residents and never will be as long as they are certain of re-election.

We need to give some very serious thought to how we cast our vote or (like dog poo) we are going to be talking about it forever.

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Barlow's Beef, Vic Barlow


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Bob Bracegirdle
Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 4:38 pm
Why do you keep voting them in?
Harry Martin
Wednesday 15th February 2017 at 3:25 pm
Maybe they will have more power over a company to increase rent etc . Long term though it is false economy as a happy healthy community is cost effective . If it involves younger people it may detract some from congregating in car parks and shoplifting which I and many others have witnessed after dark.