Q & A with owner and Master Trainer at Alchemy Personal Training

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If you've ever thought about securing the services of a personal trainer and wondered just what that could do for you then read on to find out more. In conversation with Rufus Bradshaw, owner of Alchemy Personal Training, located at Hawthorn Walk, Wilmslow, all is revealed!

Q) Rufus what type of people go in for personal training?

A) That's a question I get asked frequently, and the answer is a surprisingly wide range of people. Our clients range from business men and women, New mums, people getting over injuries or illnesses, sports people, brides and grooms to be and anyone who prioritises their health.

Q) So it's not just the preserve of the rich and famous?

A) No it's not. Our clients would say their health and wellbeing is a top priority, some would see it as an insurance policy, guarding against illness and helping them stay well to enjoy and succeed in their busy lives.

Q) What are the top three reasons people choose to see a personal trainer?

A) That's a tough one because everyone is different, but a recurring theme is definitely changing body shape. This is often accompanied by weight loss and a commitment to a healthy, cleaner lifestyle. Other reasons include getting ready for a special event or holiday, or just wanting to ring the changes and to have more energy and zest for life generally.

Q) How about if I'm injured or recuperating from an illness or perhaps an operation?

A) Yes that's a good point, but clients shouldn't worry as all Alchemy trainers are equipped to provide programmes which will accommodate people who need to take things slowly. We have lots of experience helping clients get back to full fitness and health in these situations. Remember, your programme is bespoke to you and so will take into account any restrictions or issues you may have, plus we regularly review things so and changes are noted and included in the plan.

Q) OK, but I'm really unfit and out of shape, I'd feel pretty embarrassed coming to Alchemy, I'm sure I wouldn't fit in...

A) That's a real concern for more people the first time they walk through our doors but I can confidently say we are non-judgmental and pride ourselves on building up clients' confidence, we're with you step by step. It's a lot like a small tight knit community in some ways, we encourage each other and share and celebrate our achievements. Sure it can be hard for some people to make that first call to us or to step in the first day but we promise the welcome is warm and genuine, you won't look back.

Q) So what can I expect to find inside the Alchemy studios, I've heard you've just re-located to swish new premises?

A) Yes it's true we have a new home which we love. It's a spacious, airy studio with lots of room and great equipment, all the usual CV stuff, weights, TRX system and Power Plate. We also incorporate yoga and Pilate's style moves using the Swiss balls, foam rollers and bosu, in fact no two sessions are ever alike, we promise you won't be bored. Then we have great changing rooms, shower room and a relaxation room and treatment room which are just coming on stream, plus we have plans for a boxing gym in our outbuilding, and that should be ready early in the New Year.

Q) How long would it take before I started to see a difference in my body?

A) Within a matter of days, if our advice is followed to the letter then clients can expect to see changes within two weeks; this is a combination of exercise along with our nutritional guidance which, when adhered to, we know gets results.

Q) How do you monitor progress?

A) Every session is recorded and clients have a re-assessment every 12 weeks. The initial programme includes measurements of body fat and time to set goals, these are then regularly reviewed.

Q) We read so much contradictory advice on health issues these days, such as alcohol, consumption of fats and sugar etc it's hard to know what to do for the best, how do you help your clients with this?

A) At Alchemy we are constantly analysing such information and making sense of it for our clients, plus we have a data bank of knowledge built up over the last decade when we have spent thousands of hours training people just like you, we know what works and we emphasise a lifestyle approach not an adherence to any current fad or diet.

Q) Lastly Rufus what if I try it and it's not for me?

A) We're so confident in what we do we are currently offering any new client a free session to try us out, and if we haven't convinced you in that time, then you've lost nothing at all. Plus anyone who does sign up with us will then get a 20% reduction off a block booking of ten sessions.

Well, you can't say fairer than that, anyone interested in sampling the Alchemy magic for themselves can reach Rufus and the team on http://alchemypersonaltraining.com 01625 531923 or stop by the studio at 2A Hawthorn Walk, Wilmslow SK9 5BS (opposite the Chilli Banana).

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