Barlow's Beef: By George he's done it!


I'm pleased that Alderley Park is to get a £5M investment in medicine technology, I really am. Considering it's heritage this is just the sort of investment that may well pay off.

Sounds like Chancellor George Osborne is doing a good job for us and I'm truly grateful for his endeavours...honest. I just wish, how can I put it? I just wish he didn't dress up for every photo-call like Joe 90. One minute he's striding across a building site sporting a hard-hat, next minute he's ferreting around some laboratory in a white coat like Dr Strangelove.

And what is that thing he does with his hands? (see photo). It's hard to take your chancellor seriously when he poses like a character from Thunderbirds. I did meet Mr Osborne once at a function and couldn't help wondering if Parker would arrive in a pink Roller to drive him home.

Hey, I shouldn't mock. Boy George has done a good job (especially for someone who's never had one). Credit where credit's due... the boy dun good.

Sadly, this is as far as it goes. He's never going to be Prime Minister (sorry George). He's not exactly David Cameron's Gordon Brown but there's definitely elements in there.

Blair was as slick as Mr Brown was awkward whereas George is more adept. Problem is... he just can't hold it together. Somewhere in his psyche he longs to be a Super Hero righting wrongs in some death-defying mission and it never quite works.

Just last month at the G8 summit, Barack Obama called him "Jeffrey" Osborne, muddling him up with an Eighties soul star. It's a bit humiliating for Chancellor of the world's fourth greatest industrial power don't you think?

Still, given George's love of dressing up, Mr Obama could have confused him with Ozzy. Knowing George, he would have found it impossible not to slip into the roll and tell the President to **** off back to Washington before changing costumes to announce:
"Thunderbirds are go!"

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John Concannon
Wednesday 22nd July 2015 at 12:20 pm
Very well put, Vic!