Plans for new police station approved


Cheshire Constabulary have been granted planning permission to build a new police station at their site in Wilmslow.

The replacement two storey police station will be located on the site of the existing car park where there are currently 35 spaces - making a portion of the land available for the development of retirement apartments.

The new building will comprise of multipurpose spaces - including an interview room and a gym for the officers on the ground floor along with with 15 car parking spaces. Whilst on the first floor there will be a kitchen, rest rooms and open plan offices.

The Constabulary will maintain occupation of the existing police station and construct the new police station within the car park. Staff and officers will then move over to the new police station once completed.

McCarthy Stone have submitted an application to construct 55 retirement apartments on the rest of the site (ref 23/0657M). If they secure planning permission for their retirement apartments prior to the completion of the new police station, the Constabulary has agreed a nine-month window under which it can continue to occupy the existing station to give them sufficient time for the new station to be completed.

McCarthy & Stone, Wilmslow Police Station

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