Pownall Hall School is proud of pupils’ charity

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Pownall Hall School's Joseph Hibbert recently hit the limelight for his incredible efforts in raising over £32, 000 for Manchester Children's Hospital; nominated for the Pride of Britain Award and awarded a trophy for the Pride of Manchester.

Joseph follows in the footsteps of many feats of fundraising at Pownall Hall over the years, which have more recently included, adopting 9 sea turtles from the World Wildlife Fund following an Ocean Rescue topic, hosting and presenting NSPCC fundraising events at our Boddington Theatre, assisting children at Sea-Shell Trust to complete their own Sports Day, raising awareness of helping the homeless and donating books to the Wood Street Mission, and donating books, toys and clothing to Africa, to name just a few.

Joseph's recent efforts have inspired his peers to begin their own campaign through their Education for Social Responsibility lessons at school.

Recently, Form 6 have worked for their fundraising donations through helping around the home to secure funds that are being used to create a memorial garden for our beloved, recently passed Susie Levy (Governor and great friend of Pownall).

Funds raised so far are being used to bring to life the designs they have created for the garden; a memorial, and also an enrichment to our extensive and beautiful 8 acre grounds. The fundraising efforts will continue into the new year and beyond, until their creation is fully realised.

In addition to the wonderful efforts of Form 6, the rest of the school have been fundraising for The Christie and Pancreatic Cancer UK through various fund-raising activities.

Charitable acts, charitable giving and acting in a charitable way toward one another is interwoven into the very fabric of Pownall; taught, encouraged and exemplified by all.

David Goulbourn, Head at Pownall Hall School, declared "The children at Pownall do not just donate, they make a difference to the lives of other people, and we are proud of each and every one of them."


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