Volunteers seek to restore station building for business use

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Having recently been awarded the title of Cheshire's Best Station, Alderley Edge Station Volunteer Group are working on their next project to transformed and rejuvenated the village station.

The team are currently negotiating with Northern Trains Ltd for a revamp of the small building on the Crewe bound platform.

If they can generate solid interest from local businesses then it is possible the building will receive a major makeover grant invested by Northern Trains.

Group Chair Kelvin Briggs said "With a potential tenant close to signing up for a food / cafe venture on the Manchester bound platform I am thinking the Crewe Platform building could become an Art and Community hub.

"Perhaps with a number of resident artists leasing the building to work, put on exhibitions, provide art classes to the local community, folks with learning disabilities, senior citizens, school children or sell art works and make best use of the building. Maybe even a resident potter! Please make contact if you are interested."

Kelvin added "An alternative idea is for a therapy space offering treatments. It could be physiotherapy, acupuncture, alternative therapies. Perhaps a local clinic needs more space?

"Now is the time to talk through the possibilities!"

Please call Kelvin on 07825 213205 or mail [email protected] to discuss the broad range of options. Your input could help gain an important investment forthe village.



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David Smith
Wednesday 3rd April 2024 at 8:40 pm
Cheshire's 'Best' station with an eyesore of a building like that!
It doesn't say much for the rest of the stations in Cheshire, does it?
Although there's no mention of being the 'best' at what.
Perhaps it could be having the best naffest eysore of a structure on the station platform itself.
Kelvin Briggs
Thursday 4th April 2024 at 12:45 pm
By way of explanation, the station won the Cheshire Best Kept Station award for its planting displays, artworks, book exchange and general tidiness.

It came as a big surprise to us because we too were concerned the dilapidated building on the Crewe platform would be a big negative. Thankfully the judges explained how they view factors outside our control.

Alf Clark , a committee member of the the Cheshire Best Kept Stations organisation said : ‘I have visited Alderley Edge station now for the past 3 years and have been extremely impressed by the progress that has been made which is down to the immense effort and vision provided by your team.

The other judges have very much agreed with my observations from my reading of their reports as I collate and analyse them each year.

We very much try to look at what the Friends Groups are doing for a station rather than what, at times, the likes of Network Rail are not doing. This is why we did change parts of our scoring system a couple of years ago so that Friends Groups were not penalised because of matters outside of their control.

You and your team (together with the people of Alderley Edge) should be rightly proud of your achievements and the tremendous improvements that you have made to the station and its environment. Long may you all keep up the excellent work. It's a pleasure to visit your station’.

Let’s hope Northern Trains sign off a refurbishment of the building soon.
Kelvin Briggs, Chair Alderley Edge Station Volunteer Group
David Smith
Friday 5th April 2024 at 8:01 am
Thanks for your explanation Kevin.

Thanks too for the work of those trying to change the appearance of the station away from being so neglected looking.
At least we agree that something should and can be done so one day I'm sure your station will be awarded the accolade of 'Cheshire's Best Kept Station' because it really looks so good.

I would think a way to go would be to turn the clock back and make it look like it did in the days of steam perhaps 100 years ago. Nostalgia always has an appeal and would stand apart from virtually every other station. I'm sure parts of the station still have much of the architecture from a bygone age as a starting point. It’s the 'modern' additions over time as shown in the image above that degrade the station atmosphere.

Whilst you are at it, how about seeing if the platform can be raised to the level of the floor of the train when the doors open so nobody would have to negotiate a drop to the platform and anyone in a wheelchair could get on/off without needing any assistance. Unless there's a reason I don't know of whereby platforms need to be lower that the inside floor of trains? Asking a lot I know as who has the money for silly ideas lie that? Who on earth designed the train/platform interface like that I would like to know.

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