Reader's Letter: Imbecilic anti-social boy racers back again!


Whilst welcoming the return of summer and its light mornings, lighter evenings and warmer, sunnier weather that allows us to sit in and enjoy our gardens, Wilmslow residents have also suffered the return of imbecilic, anti-social, noisy boy-racers haring up and down the A34 Wilmslow & Alderley Edge by-pass. They are not so welcome.

The noise camera has provided solid evidence of the anti-social and nuisance behaviour of which local residents have been long aware but so far, there seems to be little enforcement action which was the purpose of the camera trial. The presence of photographer youngsters on the pedestrian crossing point and on the Whitehall roundabout is part of the problem and could be addressed for their own safety, by a Public Space Protection Order.

The police have more important issues to deal with but it is only a police presence and threat of prosecution that will deter such anti-social behaviour.

If other readers are so affected, may I suggest you make your concerns to both your CEC councillor and to the Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Mr. Dwyer at:

Police & Crime Commissioner,
Cheshire Constabulary Headquarters,,
Clemond Hey,Oakmere Road,
Cheshire, CW7 2UA

or phone at 01606- 364000.

Mr Dwyer did arrange and attend a public meeting in Wilmslow in September 2021 but the problem persists.

The police already have legal powers to enforce noise compliance. They could, for example, patrol using unmarked cars and apprehend offenders. That would require resources and I guess they're unwilling to focus on bypass noise above their other priorities. My understanding is that currently the evidence provided by the noise camera alone can't be used to prosecute but it would be great to know whether it ever will be.

If Cheshire East were to implement a PSPO that would allow the police to disperse the young photographers who currently are not committing an offence. I'm told that a PSPO might take two years to arrange but we've bee highlighting and debating this problem for that amount of time already.

M. Golding



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Nick Jones
Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 9:02 am
This weekend in A/E , I have witnessed cars revving their engine, showboating in between speed humps.. hitting the loud pedal on the by -pass.. Has the 20mph zone in AE deterred this activity?... Apparently not.
Hundreds of thousands of cars have passed the noise camera with no issues .... one or two ( not many.. dont know the numbers ) have activated the noise threshold... and No prosecutions. Im surprised the 'scheme' has been extended because it cant result in any action. It is neither proportionate or justified for this to continue , and on that basis , it isnt an inner city suburb facing the real problems that may warrant a 'Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)' ... The irony being Law enforcement are then required to enforce... And thereby lies the answer.... The residents and shop owners this inconveniences, have had their policing precept increased year on year for less and less.
Common sense and appropriate resources are required to deal with and that is directing more actual physical presence and enforcement ,by those equipped to deal with the issues as was stated many times in the prequal to cameras and 20 mph zone.
I suggest Mr Golding makes a valuable point for petitioning the PCC , but it should be to get the trained qualified resources on the spot to deal with matters at the time. After all we are paying !! . Perhaps the PCC should report directly to Cllr Craig Browne over his commitment to this long standing complaint.
Nick Whittaker
Tuesday 30th May 2023 at 2:24 pm
Why not just install speed cameras on tributary roads into and out off alderley?

Raised this issue numerous times. Police commit to an ‘increased presence’ which at best is limited and not a long term effective solution.
Fiona Doorbar
Wednesday 31st May 2023 at 6:16 am
It seems that every village had speed cameras and average speed cameras installed on our recent journey down to Warwickshire!
Why are we so anti them?
David Carey
Friday 2nd June 2023 at 11:43 am
If my memory serves me rightly it was one of the police that suggested planting more trees to muffle the sound of noisy cars. As you can imagine this suggestion was laughed at.
I have said many times using unmarked police cars and being committed to sorting it out would suffice.
The lighter nights and fine weather has started it all off again.
Andy Brown
Monday 5th June 2023 at 1:29 pm
I can't say I've seen an increase for what is "usual".
Mark Eden
Tuesday 6th June 2023 at 1:37 pm
Everyone on this board.......just accept that Britian is all but lawless. I've said many times before but 60 years of liberalism on everything from education to law and order has been infested by those who don't believe in discipline and don't believe in things like prisons......we are now living with the consequences. Two lads stormed Waitrose on their mountain bikes 3 weeks ago shoplifiting. Police were called but never turned up.

My Dad used to say the country had gone to the dogs.......well it really has.