Company director and mum Corrie's stunning 20kg weight loss gives her 'whole new life' at 40

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Corrie feels like the woman she always aspired to be after making an incredible 20kg transformation in just 14 weeks at Ultimate Performance Cheshire.

As a mother-of-two and the director of Fidenti Mortgages, life was hectic.

Stresses of work, family life and a house move were compounded by spinal surgery.

Her health and wellbeing was always put on the back-burner – it meant she quickly piled weight onto her slender frame.

Corrie knew she could achieve fast and effective weight loss even with her physical limitations with the support of the professional team at Ultimate Performance Cheshire.

Her transformation results training just 3 hours a week have blown her away.

"In 14 weeks, I have lost 20kg, and I feel like I have gained a whole new life for myself.

"What would have taken me two or three years anywhere else has taken me three months at U.P., and it's been an incredible journey. I have honestly loved every minute of it, which was a real surprise."

Corrie was tired of feeling bad about her body. She was stress eating and drinking to cope with the everyday strain.

Her back injury only made things worse. She joined U.P. because she didn't want more of the same – she wanted to find a better version of herself.

Seeing the thousands of impressive results with U.P. clients across the globe, Corrie was convinced she could achieve the same. So she signed up for a body transformation package at U.P.'s private Alderley gym in Congleton Road.

"I was drained, tired, weak. I was in pretty poor shape, both mentally and physically. I had back surgery in November 2017, and I had put on an awful lot of weight. I had my wedding anniversary coming up and had booked a holiday, and I wanted to get in incredible shape. I knew that the only way to do that would be with U.P."

The U.P. transformation program was a revelation for Corrie; she obviously expected to lose weight, and she expected the training to be tough but she was amazed by the amount of support she got from her trainer as part of her program.

"I think the fact that it's all tracked is incredible. It's been great to see the progress I have made – the weights I was lifting at day 1 to week 14, looking at what I can do and how well I have done, feels great.

"Knowing everything was being tracked meant I couldn't hide from it. I've also realised just how disciplined I can be, and this has really made me think about my choices moving forward, especially regarding my diet."

Having a dedicated personal trainer who was there to support, advise and educate around the clock made a huge difference. It really made the 'impossible' eminently possible, for Corrie.

"My trainer, Louis, has really understood me, what drives and motivates me. He understands how to manage my emotions (with weight fluctuations), he always knows what's best to say to make me feel motivated, and he's used this to get the best out of me and optimise my transformation.

"His approach from day 1 was that we were going to do something amazing together, and at first, I thought he was nuts with how he was talking about my body and how it will change. He could see it in his head before I even got round to believing it."

Corrie's life has taken a U-turn away from the negative spiral she was stuck in.

She is active, happier, and confident in all parts of life. For her, the mental changes brought on by her physical transformation were just as important as looking good.

"The self-confidence I have now gained, my family and friends can see how much more confident I am.

"It has been a life-changing experience for me, and I feel like me but a happier, fitter and mentally stronger me!

"My back is in great shape; I am much stronger and no longer see my previous back history as an obstacle.

"It's incredible; the kids love it because I can do more. So it's not just about feeling physically better because I am fitter. We have all benefited, we go out on our bikes now, we go for a run around the fields. My husband's also joining up, so for all of us it's had a hugely beneficial impact.

"For me, the best part is to see the physical changes on my body. I have always hated parts of my body that I now love. It's been amazing to see those physical changes."

Corrie still can't believe what she has been able to achieve in a matter of weeks with her goal-focused personal training and nutrition plan.

"You can see on social media what people have achieved, but actually being here and experiencing it yourself is something else.

"I really feel I have been wrapped in a cocoon and taken on an incredible journey, and it's been fantastic. I feel like I am finally the person I have always aspired to be.

"For any other female, I would say you need to just try it and do it just for yourself. It's a life-changing experience, and if you are prepared to put the effort in, the output is incredibly rewarding."

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