Cheshire Police introduce sting cars to deter thieves

Cheshire Police have introduced sting cars to their arsenal of assets to tackle car crime.

The cars, which have forensic marking technology and trackers, look like any other parked car and could be anywhere, lying in wait for criminals. The forensic marking technology means that the car itself can be marked as well as any property left in the vehicle.

Inspector Andy Baker from Macclesfield Local Policing Unit said: "Our commitment to tackling car crime is clear and our latest 'sting cars' should make criminals think twice about stealing in our area.

"We've got access to different 'sting cars' and one could just be the one you try to steal, whether that's in Wilmslow, Handforth, Macclesfield, or any other part of the county. Is it really worth the risk?

"As well as this new technology, we will continue to put our focus on deterring crime with regular patrols by roads and crime officers who are supporting the local policing unit officers and sharing information with our colleagues over the border in Greater Manchester.

"We also rely on the valuable information the public gives us. If you see suspicious, activity please make sure you call it in or tell us via the website. Together we can make your neighbourhood a no go area for criminals."

The sting cars will complement Operation Prancer, which sees officers taking part in a number of initiatives to apprehend burglary and theft suspects, with a particular focus on those thought to be involved with recent burglaries in the eastern side of the county, including the towns of Wilmslow, Knutsford, Poynton and Macclesfield.

Inspector Andy Baker, said: "So not only have we got a number of plain clothes detectives, uniformed response officers and our colleagues on the Roads Policing Unit being deployed to the right areas at the right time to support neighbourhood officers, our sting cars are also out there waiting for the opportunity to catch a thief too."



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Chris Jones
Sunday 19th December 2021 at 10:16 pm
It’s easy to distinguish between an unmarked Police vehicle by the number plate.