Christmas lights switched on as Alderley Edge gets into the festive spirit

Families gathered in the village centre on Saturday November 13th for the return of the Alderley Edge Christmas Light Switch on.

The festivities kicked off at 11am with a Christmas market on South Street car park along with a craft area where children could create their own lantern for the parade which took place along London Road led by pupils and staff from Alderley Edge School for Girls.

This was followed by the switching on of the new Christmas lights by Councillor Mike Dudley-Jones.

Councillor Craig Browne said "It was a pleasure to see so many fellow residents at and welcome so many visitors to our Christmas Lights Switch On event. This year we wanted to make a break with the past and try something a bit different and I think the inclusion of a Christmas Market helped to create more of a buzz. The Cllr Craig Browne feedback I have received, both from residents and village retailers has been very positive and most were enthusiastic about the community atmosphere that the event helped to create.

"Originally we had planned to have an internationally recognised celebrity to switch the lights on for us; however, Father Christmas had to send his apologies at the last minute and of course we all understand that he is very busy at this time of year. We were very grateful to him though, for making an appearance at the market during the afternoon and taking the time to speak to so many children. Ultimately, the lights were turned on by Cllr Mike Dudley-Jones, Chair of Alderley Edge Parish Council, ably assisted by the children who helped him with the countdown."

Cllr Browne added "I would like to record my thanks to students and staff from Alderley Edge School for Girls, who led our Lantern Parade along London Road, as well as children and their parents from Alderley Edge Community Primary School who helped to plant a new Christmas Tree in the raised bed in front of Waitrose. We hope that over the next three or four years the tree will double in height and that one day we will be able to decorate it with festive lights, further adding to the village's celebration of Christmas.

"Finally, with the help of a grant from the Alderley Edge Institute Trust, the Parish Council has this year invested in new lights to decorate permanent trees along London Road. The old lights had been in place for many years and each year we had to cross our fingers that they would actually turn on. I am sure everyone will agree that the new lights are much brighter, warmer and a big improvement."

Alderley Edge Christmas Lights Switch On


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Mitchell Gilbert
Wednesday 24th November 2021 at 2:56 pm
The Alderley Edge Traders Action Group(AETAG)has been serving the village traders and residents of Alderley Edge since 1968. I started my business- Rainbow Balloons- in 1984 and I have Chaired the meetings of AETAG since 2003.
Over the years, many village events have been staged including the now well-established November Christmas Lights Switch-on.
Whilst benefitting the village traders, this annual event has also served to say a big Thank you to Alderleys residents and visitors whose patronage has been appreciated.
The Christmas lights wswitch- on has grown over the years and in 2019 was the second largest event in the village calendar, eagerly anticipated by those seeking cheer on a dark November evening.
Without consultation, the Parish Council has removed responsibility for this event from AETAG and, timed to coincide with provision of new tree lights this year, have taken on it's running themselves. Though some help was given in the past by the Parish council(e.g. in the matter of the road closure), AETAG would always underwrite the event with little reliance on public funding.
As chair of AETAG, I will be grateful for any support from from residents and retailers for returning this event to the group that has run it so successfully over the years.
Kelvin Briggs
Sunday 28th November 2021 at 12:27 pm
In my opinion Mitch has done an amazing job for many years and attracted local celebrities to switch on the display. Some great nights with very safe road closures, music and a stage on London Road, stalls on the street , fabulous atmosphere, great memorable nights. Not sure why there needed to be a change of ownership/ leadership?

It's always disappointing to see a local business owner, sterling volunteer and village supporter like Mitch undermined by taking away a show he directed so well for so many years with apparently no consultation according to what we read in the article.

Are the lights on the tree by The Bubble Room part of the display or just the remains from the old lights? I've not seen them illuminated when the others nearby them seem to be working? I guess someone is managing them?
Alan Brough
Sunday 28th November 2021 at 8:08 pm
I don’t doubt Mitch’s commitment to the greater good of Alderley, nor do I doubt the work being done by the PC to improve the village.

It’s a shame that both parties can’t get together privately and resolve this misunderstanding rather than air it in social media