Primary school children support their local foodbank


The children of Alderley Edge Community Primary School have been supporting their local foodbank at St Philip and St James Church, in Alderley Edge.

As part of their work in school, all the children have been learning about food production and reflecting on how fortunate they are when some families locally struggle to provide enough food for themselves to eat.

Mrs Walsh, Headteacher, said "Social intelligence is an important part of a child's education at Alderley Edge Community Primary School and harvest is an opportunity for the children to reflect on the world around them and develop their understanding of social justice at an age appropriate level.

"The children celebrated harvest by performing poems or songs to different year groups during our virtual assembly and by making generous contributions to the local food bank in Alderley Edge. We would encourage all members of our community to continue to support this worthy cause this winter."



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Martin Sinker
Monday 25th October 2021 at 12:34 pm
A very big thank you to Mrs Walsh and the children of AECPS from Jen Pound and the St Philip & St James Church Food Bank Team. Their very generous Harvest Festival food contributions have all been passed on to those in need locally, where they will be greatly appreciated.