Proposals to merge Wilmslow, Handforth and Chorley

Wilmslow, Handforth and Chorley parishes could be merged to form a new parish following a review of all the parishes within Cheshire East.

Cheshire East Council has carried out a review of the governance arrangements of all of the borough's town and parish councils and is recommending a number of changes to parish areas and parish electoral arrangements.

The Council requested that initial submissions from the existing parish councils and electors and other interested organisations were submitted prior to 31st January 2020 and has held informal workshops with elected Members.

The Council is now making draft recommendations for changes to the community governance arrangements of the parishes of the Borough which include merging the existing parishes of Wilmslow, Handforth and Chorley to create a new enlarged parish which will be called Wilmslow.

The review states "Cheshire East Council considers that there will be merit in merging the existing parish of Handforth with the parish of Wilmslow as, to all intents and purposes, they form a single community. It will be appropriate to consider whether there should be separate representation of the electors of Handforth on the merged parish council."

The draft proposals also include transferring the new housing development between Clay Lane and Sagars Road from the parish of Styal to the proposed enlarged parish of Wilmslow.

The review states "The new development is adjacent to the existing Handforth settlement area and so will form part of the wider community of Wilmslow - Handforth. As this development is not adjacent to Styal village, it is not considered that this will form part of the Styal community."

The review recommends that the parish of Styal will remain.

The Handforth Garden Village development has not been taken into account as that will be developed after 2025 which is outside the period for which the Borough Council is required by legislation to give consideration to changes in electoral numbers.

If approved at a meeting of the Community Governance Review Sub Committee on Friday 26th February, the draft recommendations will be the subject of a 12-week public consultation.

If required, adjustments will then be made to develop the final recommendations which will go before the Full Council for approval in Autumn 2021.



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Duncan Herald
Thursday 25th February 2021 at 12:40 pm
And wither Alderley Edge ?
Lisa Reeves
Thursday 25th February 2021 at 12:44 pm
The report is here Duncan -

The recommendation for Alderley Edge is to increase the number of seats on the Parish Council from nine to twelve seats, "which is consistent with the Borough average for a council with this number of electors".
Jonathan Meadmore
Tuesday 2nd March 2021 at 5:03 pm
Please would you be good enough to demonstrate exactly what is being proposed by including a map which clearly shows the areas for which the three councils are currently responsible. Thank you.

Jonathan Meadmore
Stewart Dyer
Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at 2:15 pm
Jonathan - Lisa has gone to the extent of providing a simple link to the information you are asking for. Dare I suggest that you click on it and select the option to look at the maps which are provided.

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