Council considers how to tackle anti-social behaviour and supercars


Cheshire East Council is asking local residents, businesses and visitors to the area to complete a short survey following reports concerning anti-social behaviour and performance vehicles travelling through and visiting Alderley Edge.

A spokesperson for Cheshire East Council said "Reports have included, loud revving of engines and engine noises, rapid acceleration from junctions and traffic lights, speeding and general exhibitionist behaviour from a minority driving these kinds of vehicles. We have also received reports around this behaviour being encouraged on the public highway by groups of individuals gathering whom wish to film/view the performance vehicles 'in action'.

"In addition to the above, we have also received reports of organised gatherings of performance vehicles nearby which has caused disruption to those wishing to use the highway and living/working/visiting the area.

"Whilst we appreciate that this behaviour is only being displayed by a minority of individuals; it has however come to our attention that this is potentially having a detrimental impact on those visiting, residing and working in the area. The noise created from the excessive revving and acceleration of these vehicles can be extremely loud and upsetting. More importantly, when performed on the public highway through towns/villages, this can also be very dangerous."

As a result the Council is considering options in relation to how this sort of behaviour can be tackled and as part of the process they are asking local residents, businesses and visitors to the area to complete the survey to enable them to look at the frequency of the reported behaviour and the impact it might be having.

A spokesperson said "We would also like to listen to your ideas as to how you might think this behaviour is best addressed or whether you think that this behaviour has any impact on you."

The closing date for completing the survey is Tuesday 1st September at 4pm.

If you have any questions or issues accessing this consultation then please contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Team on: 0300 123 50 30 (please note that during the current pandemic period, this contact number is a voicemail only facility which is regularly checked) or via email [email protected].



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David Carey
Sunday 9th August 2020 at 12:08 pm
A good idea to have a survey as it affects residents across the area and give you views.
I still don't think having Police officers/PCSO's in uniform makes for resolving the issues as they see a uniform and drivers will not then perform for the circus that appears to take photos or videos. Either moveable good quality cameras (video/audio) at strategic pinch points, put them up on a weekday. Or another option is an unmarked police car either without/with plain clothes police getting video evidence every so often probably on a Saturday/Sunday for starters.
Chris Jones
Sunday 9th August 2020 at 7:31 pm
The Government are apparently to trial a prototype fixed noise camera over the next six months. Hand held noise measurement kit is available that can be used at roadside to test exhausts , it’s a question if the Police can be bothered , a bit like the Anti social Behaviour Team that you cant speak to when there’s a problem.
Roy Hall
Tuesday 11th August 2020 at 4:16 pm
Yes we were disturbed on Monday morning 12.30am by this ! On Mottram Road ?
Manuel Golding
Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 10:35 am
Yet another obfuscation survey from CEC - it luvs 'em!

Decision by committee, never a good or progressive formulae for progress.
CEC knows what the problem is, therefore sort it out p.d.q.
This is the opportunity for councillors and council to show that it and they know what it is and where it emanates. Show the voters you deserve their support.
Craig Browne
Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 1:01 pm
Hi Manuel,

Thank you for your comment on this. I understand and share the frustration of many residents about this issue; however, the Council is required to follow due process and consult both residents and businesses prior to introducing a Public Space Protection Order.

Just to re-cap, a Public Space Protection Order enables the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers to support the police, by granting them additional enforcement powers over certain types of anti-social behaviour specified within the PSPO (e.g. reckless driving).

Guidance on the steps that Councils are expected to take (including consultation) prior to the introduction of any PSPO are set out in the following document published by the Local Government Association (

Since the consultation opened on Saturday, there have already been over 1,200 responses from members of the public. I would like to thank everybody who has completed the survey to date and to remind anyone who hasn't, that it remains open until Tuesday 1st September at

Kind regards,
Alan Brough
Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 7:12 pm

It’s good to hear that the consultation survey remains open until Tuesday 1st of September, but I was sat in my garden this evening, Wednesday 12th August and in 26 degree heat, had to move indoors because the sound of engines howling around the bypass wasn’t conducive to sitting outside and enjoying the garden.
Pete Taylor
Thursday 13th August 2020 at 8:44 am
Why is this "survey" not on the CEC Consultation Portal?
Why does it not include those affected by by-pass noise in Wilmslow?
Manuel Golding
Thursday 13th August 2020 at 6:17 pm
Hi Craig,
Thanks & appreciate your your prompt response. However, whilst this survey is related to Alderley, no mention is made (or concern) of the "overflow" effect of this anti-social car behaviour as it adversely affects nearby Fulshaw Park. What is adversely affecting Alderley Edge is similarly impinging upon Wilmslow, particularly Fulshaw Park. Are we not part of the Cheshire East Council's domain? Surely such a Public Space Protection Order must include the Fulshaw Park "Prohibition Of Entry Order" as it suffers from the same people on the same days as you are trying to protect Alderley Edge? I note you claim the PSPO will enable the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers to "support the police" - FP Prohibition Of Entry Order requires the police to enforce same (this is beyond the scope of the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers).

I fully appreciate the new Council needs to follow the correct process. I'm afraid I' had become accustomed to the previous Conservative led regimes headed by both Clles Michael Jones and Rachel Bailey. I do appreciate the new council regime has changed for the better. I'm sorry that nasty old & historic habits die hard!
Nick Jones
Tuesday 18th August 2020 at 10:20 am
More ‘Anonymous’ spokesperson’s from CEC.. Why ? Who is the author saying this ?

This survey is total obfuscation to detract from those with the designated legislative powers to engage in enforcement.

We celebrate having Local businesses that sell Rolls/ Aston / McLaren / Porsche / Ferrari / BMW to our residents, employing staff etc … but the responsibility of the driver.. is exactly that.

So.. Over any given period of months, years, exactly how many prosecutions have occurred ? I suspect very few.. if indeed any at all !…

There are surely far more important issues that truly affect people’s lives at this unique Covid led time than this.
Ellis Parry
Thursday 24th September 2020 at 8:15 pm
Do we know when we can expect to receive the outputs from this consultation? After a temporary lull the problem appears to be worsening again and not just at the weekends - the straight stretch of road from the AE school for girls down to the A34 roundabout appears to be treated as a speed track after about 10:30pm at night.
Craig Browne
Monday 28th September 2020 at 10:30 am
Hi Ellis,

Thank you for your question. The survey closed on 1st September and there were 1342 responses (the highest ever rate of response to a comparable survey by Cheshire East!). The Multi Agency Action Group are currently finalising a set of proposals and I will publish these shortly, along with the results of the survey. The proposals will be subject to two rounds of public consultation, later this year and early next year.

Kind regards,
Tony Haluradivth
Monday 28th September 2020 at 8:15 pm
Hello Craig , I hope you are it possible you could look on my comments on re the threatened lockdown. I posted on that site as it came up in my newsfeed first.
It is a bit of an essay but I have posted information passed on to me by a relative who is a senior clinician at Addenbrookes (Cambridge). We need further clarification on figures from you and Sam as to why lockdown is imminent. People are losing jobs, salaries and livelihood this wont affect you or Sam. Thanks but no thanks I am not locking down as you advise and will buy my newspaper every day as normal. I am not scared of threats by our Government "to comply or else", as I can vividly remember as a kid seeing my father hit hard across the face by an SA thug (It was 1937 near our home in Pomerania). I use a nokia trad phone out an about with mercifully no app facility so we in our home will NOT be downloading the intrusive/ uselees
Serco or is it GVHQ app?
Nothing scares me these days except my worry for the younger generations in this country who are being dealt a mean hand.
And whilst we were all exhorted to clap for the NHS in the Spring. We have had no thanks from our Government or those in charge for the sacrifices made by those younger than I who lost their jobs and businesses in lockdown part 1. We are threatened and "told off" and heckled by the authorities , guilt tripped by morons who say "wear a mask or wear a ventilator" or "exhorted to "stay in, in case you kill Granny" . I wear my mask but I abhor this hectoring nastiness coming from authoritarians who are now drunk on power.
Please don't ignore the questions Craig they deserve an honest answer.
Best Wishes Tony