In Bloom judges tour Alderley Edge

Britain In Bloom judges Julie Norman and John Bilsborough visited our bright and sunny village on Tuesday, 2nd July, to review the Alderley Edge In Bloom groups 2019 'North West In Bloom' entry in the small town class.

Last year the group achieved a Gold Award and this year the judging criteria has changed with just 40 % of the marks reflecting horticultural excellence (a reduction from 50% last year) , 30 % for community participation (up from 25%) and 30% for environmental responsibility ( up from 25% in previous years).

The amendments reflect the changing nature of the Britain in Bloom initiative and its role in the community where Bloom groups work hard to develop a sense of community and to create a sense of pride in people for the places they live and work in.

The visit began in St Philip's Church with a brief presentation by Alderley Edge In Bloom Group Chair Leslie Cox about the groups activities, before the judges were taken on a tour of the village which included stops in the park, the Chorley Hall Lane Community Allotment, the Waitrose Woodland, London Road planting displays and the garden at the station car park. A visit was also made to see how Bruce Woollen is developing propagation techniques involving water.

Additionally the judges visited Wood Gardens where much work has been done by volunteers and local residents to upgrade the local environment with new planting and more regular maintenance of the area - which is a great example of wider community participation.

Other new projects at Bramble Bank on Chorley Hall Lane and Ivy Gate on Wilmslow Road, by the top of Brook Lane, we're seen by the judges who also had the pleasure of a trip up to The Edge before dropping in to Peter Woollam's organic garden at The Hough who remarked how wonderful and magical it was.

Chairman Leslie Cox was very pleased with the groups 2019 entry, he said "I'd like to praise the efforts of our growing band of volunteers, the village business community and the Parish Council for some great new projects and enhancements to previous areas. The village really looks colourful and largely litter free.

"People are becoming so much more aware of the environment and the group will be looking to build on pleasing progress going forward."

The judges joined group volunteers for refreshments before thanking everyone for an enjoyable afternoon visit and looked forward to seeing the group again at the awards ceremony in Southport in November.

Alderley Edge In Bloom, North West in Bloom


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Mike Dudley-Jones
Wednesday 3rd July 2019 at 7:03 pm
On behalf of the Alderley Edge Parish Council, may I say a huge thank you to all those who have contributed so hugely to making our Village look so very special at this time.

Summer seems to be here at last. Let's enjoy our Village - and be proud.
Graham McLelland
Thursday 4th July 2019 at 9:02 am
I think the "Bloomers" all deserve a great thanks for doing what they have done for Alderley Edge.In their own time watering weeding planting .Good Luck and many thanks
Roy West
Thursday 4th July 2019 at 11:59 am
What an improvement once again by our dedicated volunteer "Bloomers" who we have seen out in the village in all weather. They should be proud of their work and deserve a huge vote of thanks from all Alderley residents. WELL DONE.