Readers Letter: Dangerous Zebra Crossing needs urgent attention

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Inspired by the reader's letter from Helen Battilana, I and many other local residents and councillors have grave concerns for the safety of pedestrians and road users in Chelford Village.

On the A537 Knutsford Road, which is the main road running through Chelford, there exists a very poorly placed, poorly illuminated zebra crossing. The crossing located opposite Chelford Farm Supplies, is intended to provide a safe location for pedestrians to cross the busy A537 road.

Like many other residents, I have been involved in a 'near miss incident', where a vehicle towing a horsebox did not see me using the crossing and could not brake in time, and instead sped through the crossing.

Naturally, I logged on to the CEC website to raise my concerns and found 8 other reports logging the same concerns of speeding vehicles, and vehicles not acknowledging the crossing in time. Just last week, a resident uploaded a video on to the community Facebook group of themselves using the crossing and cars still travelling past at speed.

The response from CEC was even more concerning than the zebra crossing itself, stating 'As you will appreciate, our resources must be focussed at locations where there is a history of numerous serious and fatal collisions occurring that can be attributed to actionable defects or need. We have aprogramme of locations which require engineering measures where such collisions occur.'

I don't know about other readers, but I read that as a serious or even fatal collision must occur before we will act.

I wrote to Chelford Parish Council who confirmed that my concerns regarding the crossing are shared by many residents and Councillors, and that the Parish Council and the Chelford Ward Councillor are currently pressing Cheshire East Council for improvements to the crossing, with workin progress to address the speeding issues through the village.

My fear is that indeed, someone will unfortunately have to be involved in a serious collision before action is taken, and that is not acceptable. Do readers agree that this cannot be classified as acceptable?

What should I do next?

Aaron Watson

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Chris Templar
Wednesday 6th December 2023 at 7:49 am
Speeding through Chelford and ignoring the pedestrian crossing when pedestrians are preparing to cross are both of great concern and annoyance to the residents of Chelford, particularly following the building of the new estates on the sites of Stobarts yard and the old auction market.

In 2018, with encouragement, cooperation and training from Cheshire Constabulary, a Community Speed Watch group was established with a core membership of half a dozen local residents operating once a week for an hour in any one, or two, of four sites designated by the police.

These proved very successful and many offenders have been caught at speeds of, on one occasion, up to 67 mph.

We were joined by our local MP, Esther McVey, who actually picked up a speeding car herself with the equipment.

During 2023, just days after a session when 93 excessively speeding vehicles were noted over a 60 minute period, the group was ordered to stop operating by the local traffic inspector for a safety check. We still await the results of the safety check!

We also hear rumours that fixed speed cameras are being considered for Chelford long term!

Aaron Watson asks what he should do next - and to that end - what can anyone do?

Contact John Dwyer, the Police Crime Commissioner, contact the Chief Constable and contact Esther McVey all of whom have been very supportive of our attempts to make the village a bit safer for residents and visitors.

The CSW group is ready, willing and able to recommence operations at any time - once the safety check initiated so many months ago is completed of course!

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