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Our aim at Wilmslow Tuition Centre is to provide a supportive, hard-working environment enabling children to achieve top grades.

We are so proud of our results this year:

A level results

  • Biology 50% A*, 80% A/A*, 100% A*/A/B
  • Maths 60% A/ A*, 93% A*/A/B
  • Chemistry 92% A*/A/B

Superb GCSE maths, science and English results

  • 32% level 9
  • 51% level 8-9
  • 75% level 7-9
  • 90% level 6-9

For academic success it is important that the young people who choose to come to us both enjoy and thrive in the learning environment we create. Here are some of their comments:

"For many years I have attended Wilmslow Tuition Centre, and throughout my academic endeavours of GCSES and A-LEVELS this is by far the best decision I have made. Not only has it helped me reach my full potential academically but also given me so much extra support whenever I have needed it. The teachers always go above and beyond to provide extra help, support, resources and advice in every area possible. Although my lessons in the centre taught me so much subject wise, they have also always been extremely enjoyable, the warm, friendly and encouraging environment is what makes the centre so special." CM

'I valued the resources most especially the topic notes and exam question booklets. These were not only used in lessons but were also a great help when I revised at home and in school." MG

"I didn't feel confident when I first came. I had struggled through sixth form and my grades weren't consistent. I particularly struggled with application questions. In my experience Wilmslow Tuition Centre was so much better than other local tutors. There is more focus on exam technique, which is what most A level students like me struggle with, so I saw a much quicker improvement in my grades. The biggest benefit for me was the detailed notes and exposure to past exam questions to improve my exam technique. I noticed a difference almost immediately." NR

"Before starting at WTC I was getting mainly Bs in my GCSE mocks, Wilmslow Tuition Centre allowed me to identify and work on my weak point and consolidate and build on knowledge I had gained from school. I went on to receive A*s in all the subjects I was tutored in at WTC." YC

Drop Andrea a line to secure a place. Y11 and Y13 will soon be fully booked so please book soon to avoid disappointment:
email: [email protected]
website: https://wilmslowtuitioncentre.co.uk/