New survey seeks to identify local residents housing needs


Residents of Alderley Edge should have received a Housing Needs Survey in the post over the last couple of days seeking information on current housing needs in the area and how this may change in the future.

Councillor Craig Browne said "I would like to assure everyone that this is a legitimate communication from Cheshire East Council and encourage you to complete the survey by the deadline of Friday 14th October.

"Cheshire East Council is considering making a planning application for an affordable housing development for local people, but needs to establish the level of demand before progressing."

If the response shows there is a need, this information will inform a planning application for an affordable housing development for local people. The report will also help Alderley Edge Parish Council influence future planning application to help ensure local needs are met.

Cheshire East Council, with the support of Alderley Edge Parish Council, have commissioned Cheshire Community Action (a local charity specialising in supporting local communities to influence development) to carry out the survey immediately.

They are particularly keen to hear from people whose home does not meet their current needs or likely needs in the future.

Once response per household is require.

If possible you are requested to complete the survey online.



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Harry Martin
Tuesday 20th September 2022 at 4:00 pm
Needs are more affordable homes but wants in a place like Alderley aren't realistic . Land is prime and builders can't afford to buy expensive prime land and sell cheap. Popular affluent areas are the places where a lot are priced out. I can't see how when average homes here are £700K plus how anyone can expect similar for half price and that would still be unaffordable to most first time buyers .
What action is to be taken from a questionnaire where we all welcome affordable living but have absolutely no control over it ?
Helen Williams
Tuesday 20th September 2022 at 7:10 pm
It's not much of a questionnaire!
Craig Browne
Wednesday 21st September 2022 at 6:15 pm
Hi Harry,

Thank you for your question.

As I explained in the article above, Cheshire East Council is considering making a planning application for a relatively small local development. The Council would effectively be the developer, or would develop a site through a registered housing provider; this would mean that the council retained control over both the housing provision its tenure. The affordability of any potential units would be protected, in perpetuity, through a legal agreement or covenant.

Responses to the questionnaire will assist Cheshire East Council in deciding whether to prepare a detailed planning application and if so, for what types of property; however, those properties would not be delivered by a private housing developer. I hope this helps to address your question.

Kind regards,
Jon Williams
Thursday 22nd September 2022 at 6:36 am
Would it be fair to state the position of the "relatively small local development" as a matter of public interest.