Health coach inspires others to kick the sugar habit with tips from her own journey

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A health coach and former self-confessed sugar addict is inspiring others to conquer their sugar cravings with an upcoming presentation about her journey towards a sustainably healthier life.

Rachel Williams was a serial yo-yo dieter for decades before a moment of clarity sparked the beginning of a health and mindset transformation that changed the direction of her life.

"I'd probably spent the previous 20 years of my life dieting,' Rachel says. 'Cabbage soup, low carb, going green, The Atkins... You name it, I tried it. I'd often have success, too. But without fail, six months down the line I would have put all the weight back on, plus a bit more."

Like many people, Rachel had fallen into the trap of relying on sugary snacks to get her through the day. Whether it was to energise her mid-morning, as a treat to celebrate a good day, or a pick-me-up after a more challenging one, every occasion and every emotion led to sugar.

"It got to the point where I genuinely felt like I needed sugar to get me through the day," Rachel says.

It became increasingly difficult for Rachel to control her weight, and three years ago she was heavier than she had ever been. When, one day, she caught herself grimacing at the thought of having a picture taken with her children, Rachel knew something had to change.

"Right then, I made a commitment to myself to figure out how to live without feeling like I had to rely on sugar," Rachel says.

It was a moment that marked the start of a remarkable journey of discovery, recovery and healing that has redefined Rachel's life.

"Within a year I had quit eating the foods that weren't working for my body. I immersed myself in absolutely everything to do with health, nutrition and personal growth.

"Two years on and I am 7 stone lighter, and even lighter in my spirit. And because it's my relationship with sugar that has changed, rather than a diet I have followed, I have been able to maintain my weight for the first time in decades."

Now a certified health coach and inspirational speaker, Rachel is keen to share her journey with others. Next month, she is holding an event in Alderley Edge aimed at inspiring people to make the changes they want to see in their own eating patterns.

The hands-on presentation will take place on Tuesday 10 May at the Botanist Bar & Restaurant, and is open to anyone who is keen to kick the sugar cravings once and for all.

"I know that I have only been able to maintain my weight loss this time because I have learned to conquer my sugar cravings," Rachel says. "But I also feel so much more alive – so much more energised, better equipped to manage my own emotions... all those things that drove me to sugar in the first place, when actually that was the one thing standing in my way."

Alongside special guest speakers Rebecca Francesca, an emotional freedom therapist, and nutritional therapist Mia Oakes, Rachel will be focussing on the many and varied health benefits of reduced sugar consumption – from improved sleep and mental clarity to weight loss and increased energy – and sharing the knowledge, tips and insights she has gained throughout her own journey.

Attendees will walk away armed with actionable steps and a plan for conquering their own sugar cravings in a manageable, sustainable way.

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