Festival of Nature encourages everyone to discover more about Wilmslow

The upcoming Festival of Nature is all about celebrating and appreciating living in or near Wilmslow, to help people to do more to help themselves and the planet before COP26.

A series of free talks and guided walks are available to help residents explore and learn things about Wilmslow and its surrounding countryside that they might not have known before.

The talks, organised by the Civic Trust as part of the festival, will be taking place at the URC (and via zoom) to explore subjects such as 'The Nature of Wilmslow's Countryside' with Professor John Handley and 'Peatlands Past, Present and Future' with Professor Ian Rotherham.

Other topics include 'The Impact of Climate Change on Low Income Countries' with Dr Admos Chimowu, 'The Home of 2030 with Florence Collier of humblebee' and 'Change Your Diet: the easiest way to reduce your climate impact' with Professor Sarah Bridle.

Guided walks will help people to explore Lindow Moss: A Deep Time Walk with Professors Christopher Jackson and Ernie Rutter will look at the geology of the moss; a guided Family Walk with Professor John Handley will explore the history and ecology of the moss, including the discovery of Lindow Man; Poetry Walks with poets Anthony Jones and Estelle Price will look at the ecology of the moss interspersed with poetry readings. The walk 'Paths and Places' will explore Wilmslow's open spaces and sites of special interest.

Pippa Jones from Transition Wilmslow said, "We decided to do something positive that makes us all feel better! We have been working with lots of other groups in Wilmslow to put together a programme of activities that we hope will appeal to everyone; walks, talks, bike rides, e-bike rides, a Repair Café, an open day at the Oakenclough Community Market Garden...and a bumper On Yer Bike pedal powered, zero carbon, concert featuring Bez from the Happy Mondays!

"We hope the festival will give everyone a boost after a difficult couple of years, a sense of the beautiful countryside that surrounds us and how we can look after it better, and hopefully a better understanding of how we can all make a difference to the health of our precious planet."

All of the events are free due to sponsorship from Wilmslow Town Council and many local businesses. You can book your free places via the festival website at www.festivalofnature.co.uk

Images: Lindow Moss Cotton Grass and Home of 2030 – copyright the Positive Collective / Perpendicular Architects.

Festival of Nature