King's School celebrates outstanding GCSE results

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Hard-working GCSE students from The King's School believe that successfully navigating their exams during the COVID lockdowns has developed their maturity and flexibility.

That endeavour and resilience was rewarded with a stunning set of results at the top Macclesfield school. A remarkable 49% of grades were at A* (9/8) with 71% at A* or A (9 - 7) and 85% at A* to B (9 - 6). An outstanding eight students achieved a clean sweep of 9 grades with 24 students getting all 9s and 8s.

Head Girl Zoe Griffiths, from Sandbach, who got a stunning 11 straight 9 grades, said: "The uncertainty of how we were going to be assessed loomed over everyone and the successive rounds of testing upon which we were eventually judged was very stressful. However, on the bright side, working remotely from home has definitely improved us as independent learners and we should do better in the Sixth Form and then university."

Zoe is pictured on the left along with: Equality and diversity council member Loryn Robinson, from Lower Withington, who got six 9s, two 8s and three 7s; Edward Gandy, from Lower Peover, who got two 9s, six 8s and two 7s and ultimately wants to be vet; Abby Jones, who got three 9s, two 8s, three 7s and a 5 and a 6; and Izzy Hammond, from Knutsford, a member of King's national championship trampoline team, who got four 9s, one 8, four 7s and a 5.

King's Head of Foundation, Mr Jason Slack, said: "Year 11 students at King's have risen to the challenge and overcome so many barriers over the last 18 months to secure exceptional results in their GCSEs. The hard work, adaptability and determination of the pupils and their teachers has been richly rewarded amid disruption and change like no other. This wonderful academic success is only part of the full picture of a very talented year group whose all-round education is excelling in many broader ways through outdoor education and extra-curricular opportunities. I'm really excited to see this cohort go on to thrive in King's Sixth Form and contribute to the School's ongoing success and development."

Pictured (photo 2) from left to right are six of the students who earned all straight 9s: Deputy Head Boy and talented orienteer Ben O'Donnell, who wants to become a doctor; rock and jazz guitarist Sammy Earnshaw, who wants to go on to study Chemistry; talented band musician and Head Girl Zoe Griffiths; Niya Alias, who wants to read Maths at either Oxford or Cambridge and work in teaching; rugby player Toby Denton who wants to be a doctor and Macclesfield Harrier Molly Brown who also wants to read Medicine. Also achieving all straight 9s were Nick Reynolds and Anna Warham.

Congratulations also go to Charlotte Parker (pictured left) from Wilmslow, who got five 9s, four 8s and two 7s and wants to become an engineer. The DofE award holder will be studying all the Sciences in King's Sixth Form as the first stage in moving on to study engineering. Talented rock and jazz guitarist Sammy Earnshaw, from Alderley Edge, who got 11 grade 9s and wants to be a leading chemical engineer and charity worker. Sophia Ghorbanian, achieved three 9s, four 8s, two 7s a 6 and a 5 and wants eventually to read Global Development at York.

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