Rise in illegal and anti-social parking during lockdown


Cheshire East Council is urging motorists to park legally and considerately – after seeing a rise in illegal and irresponsible parking during the latest lockdown.

Parking chiefs say the problem is on the rise across the whole borough and not just at 'the usual hotspots' in town centres and at visitor attractions.

Councillor Laura Crane, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for highways and waste, said: "Our highways and parking officers are finding increasing numbers of motorists parked illegally on our roads and streets, preventing the free-flow of traffic along the highway.

"There is also a real concern that access by emergency services vehicles is being inhibited and even prevented – putting people's lives at risk.

"This is not just happening in the usual hotspots, such as town centres and visitor attractions, but increasingly across the whole borough. It is simply unacceptable.

"Inconsiderate and irresponsible parking is causing difficulties for residents, pedestrians, people with disabilities or with prams, and other road users, as well as businesses and our emergency services. Some people have complained of finding their driveways blocked, leaving them unable to get in or out of their own home.

"Lockdown does not mean people have a licence to park illegally or irresponsibly – and I would urge people to stick to the rules, show consideration for others and help our emergency services to do their fantastic and critically important work unhindered."

Cheshire East Council is to carry out a review of parking policies in the coming months as part of its new local transport plan. The issue of motorists parking on pavements is the subject of a review by central government, which could change the way this problem is tackled.

Anyone convicted of parking illegally faces a fine of up to £70. To report illegal parking contact our parking enforcement team on: [email protected] or call 0300 123 5020.



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Andy Brown
Tuesday 17th November 2020 at 6:53 pm
As Piccolinos in Alderley Edge is shut they haven't had any reason to illegally park on Lynton Lane or all over the railway bridge on Davey Lane.

People in Chelsea Tractors still need to get their illegal parking fix even during a lockdown.

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