At last! Parking Review final report is published


Cheshire East Council has completed a comprehensive review of parking in the Wilmslow area.

The findings of the Wilmslow Parking Review will inform the future approach to parking management, provision and pricing, as part of a wider transport strategy for the town.

The review has been informed by on-site investigations, census data; correspondence received by the Council and on-street parking surveys.

Public consultation took place between January and March 2019, with over 500 formal responses received by the Council. These have all been analysed to inform the final report.

A set of proposals to address parking issues in Wilmslow has been developed. In the short term, actions will include developing a business case for a multi-storey car park at Broadway Meadow and new parking restrictions on Alderley Road (Coach & Four to King's Arms Roundabout.)

A parking strategy for Wilmslow requires a clear delivery sequence to avoid shifting problems from one part of Wilmslow to another. In total, 47 management measures have been identified.

These are sequenced into short, medium and longer term opportunities. See for the list of measures and schemes proposed to solve the parking problems.

The Wilmslow Parking Review Final Report and the Interventions Map are available to view online.

All measures require further work regarding funding and statutory approvals, including further public consultation. A new multi-storey car park could take several years to complete, based on a business case which will be completed in the coming months

Priorities will be delivered through the Council's annual processes for setting budgets and programmes. wanted to let our readers know as soon as we were made aware of the publication (thanks Cllr David Jefferay) but have not had the chance to read it all yet.

When you get the chance to rad through it do share your views regarding the proposals via the comment box below.

Car Parking Review


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Duncan Herald
Thursday 5th March 2020 at 12:11 pm
After a quick scan: lots of double (and single) yellow lines but not much new parking spaces.
If that is right, then how exactly are parking issues in Alderley Edge being addressed?

Is the overall effect likely to result in less parking spaces?

It would be very useful to have Cheshire East representativ/s give us a full and separate detailed account of what is suggested for Alderley Edge rather than just something tagged onto the Wilmslow situation?