New youth group working with Tatton MP to push for change


Four local teenagers wanting to improve their community will start conversations with their peers about what needs to happen in the area before working with Tatton MP Esther McVey to make changes.

Members of the new Youth Advisory Committee met for the first time at the weekend to shape what they wanted from the group and how it could best work.

The idea for a youth group came after Ms McVey was contacted ahead of June's General Election by young people wanting to get involved in politics, and also from meeting students from Wilmslow High School during their school hustings.

Ms McVey said: "It is so important to connect with young people as they are the future. Young people will more than likely talk to their peers so it is a great way of getting to the heart of what young people want and need and how we can all work together to achieve it."

Issues discussed at the first meeting included tuition fees, volunteering, student debt and housing.

Ms McVey added: "The group are from Wilmslow and they will connect with their age group across all of Tatton to find out key issues and also offer up solutions. I will work with them on that and raise the issues in Westminster.

"It is terrific these youngsters want to get involved in politics. I have met some bright and talented young people across the constituency and I am really excited about what we can achieve together."

Youth Advisory Committee, which has now expanded to 8 members, has been set up by young people for the young people of Tatton in order to get youths connected and interested in politics, raising issues that matter to them and their generation.

The group will meet with Esther McVey on a quarterly basis and with their peers more regularly, speaking and listening to other young people across Tatton. The idea is that they will then take those suggestions to the Tatton MP so she can pursue those matters on their behalf in Parliament.

Photo: (l-r) Georgia Brown, Alastair Nicol, Esther McVey, Jonathan Shaw and Joe McBride.

Esther McVey, Youth Advisory Committee