Smiles all round as little ones settle into big school

With the summer holidays now behind us, this week marked a big step for hundreds of little ones across Alderley Edge and Wilmslow, and their families, as they embarked on a new adventure with their first day at school.

As the new term began they set off in their new uniforms with shiny shoes and big smiles to be greeted by their new teachers.

Chris Perry, head teacher at Alderley Edge Community Primary School said "Our new starters have made a fabulous start to their first year in school. We have all been impressed with the way the children have settled into their new class.

"The picture shows the children enjoying the outside area which, thankfully, is largely covered so allowing them to access the outdoor area despite the dreadful weather we've had this week. I would like to wish all our new families in school the very best for the school year ahead."

Mrs Bathurst, Reception teacher at AESG said "A warm welcome to all our new girls in Reception and their families. They have settled into school life so well and bravely stood up in assembly on Monday to wave to the rest of the Junior School.

"They have been thinking about what makes them special and unique and in their first week have painted portraits and examined their finger prints.

"We have also made faces out of all sorts of unusual items, including fruit and vegetables. We are looking forward to finding out about all the amazing things these wonderful girls can do throughout the year."

Mrs Julia Langford, Head Teacher at The Ryleys said "We are very proud of our new Reception children who have settled brilliantly into their classes. Each one of them has started the day with a smile, and enjoyed discovering their new environment while making new friends."

Photos: The new reception classes at Alderley Edge Community Primary School, Alderley Edge School for Girls and The Ryleys.

AESG, Alderley Edge Community Primary School, Alderley Edge School for Girls, The Ryleys