Reader's Letter: Bandstand in the park

For many years, the old bandstand in the park has been used for little more than a shelter from the rain.

Several possible uses have been suggested e.g. to turn it into a coffee shop. These ideas have never come to fruition, mainly because of possible cost.

Some months ago, the Parish Council provided two table tennis tables, along with bats and balls, all put into the bandstand.

Some thought it a good idea and some did not. At a cost of circa £3,000 it may have been worth a try.

Sadly the mindless vandals have set out to ruin the whole project:

  • The bandstand has become a litter area; drinking & smoking (of?) & eating.
  • The bats and balls are constantly broken or stolen.
  • The metal tables are covered in what may be dried beer (last week the smell on the tables suggested urine as well!).
  • Now the mindless morons have managed to cut their names into the table tops.
  • The ceiling of the bandstand is stained.

Recently the whole mess was yet again cleaned up but alas yesterday the brain-dead vandals set two fires, by the tennis courts, on the grass. Burnt beer cans etc.

To be more cheerful, thanks are due to whoever is currently working at keeping the band stand swept out. I have no idea who it is - Cheshire East Council, Ansa, Alderley Edge Parish Council or kind private individuals.

It strikes me that there are only a few alternative actions

  • Carry on as we are and keep cleaning/repairing.
  • Put in cctv to enable the police to act.
  • Move the tables to where they will be used in peace. Where? Scouts? Guides? Or some such worthy group?
Reader's Letter


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Jon Williams
Friday 4th August 2017 at 9:52 am
Remove it before it gets set on fire as it's made of wood !
Rachael Grantham
Friday 4th August 2017 at 11:13 am
Hi Duncan,

I tried to clean up as much of the damage as possible. I know residents and other Parish Councillors have done the same. I did report the incident on Wednesday evening to the PCSO and Cheshire East. Unfortunately these things happen, whilst it's disappointing, in my opinion we shouldn't let a small group of individuals ruin things for the majority of people who enjoy spending time in our park. I hope these individuals are caught and we can continue to make improvements without it becoming a bigger problem.

Best wishes,

Duncan Herald
Friday 4th August 2017 at 1:12 pm
Hi Rachael,

then thanks to you indeed.

Do you think that CCTV is a viable approach to apprehending the vandals?

Charlie Gaughan
Friday 4th August 2017 at 6:35 pm
If there is Cctv and with good enough recognition shouldn't we prosecute the individuals if it's kids hold the parents responsible other wise what's the point let them get away with being out of control some years ago a young girl was killed in a park in Rossendale by mindless thugs how far does this have to go