Osborne joins investment giant but says 'majority of my time will be devoted to being an MP'


Tatton MP George Osborne has been appointed as an advisor to global investment giant Blackrock which is based in New York City.

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer, who will be working one day a week for the world's largest asset manager, has stressed that the majority of his time will still be spent representing constituents in Tatton where he has been our Member of Parliament since 2001.

George Osborne said "BlackRock wants better outcomes for pensioners and savers - and I want to help them deliver that. It's a chance for me to work part-time with one of the world's most respected firms and a major employer in Britain.

"Of course, many MPs also do work outside Parliament - and every Chancellor has. I'll only be working one day a week with Blackrock, while being Chancellor was more or less a full time job. So the majority of my time will be devoted to being an MP, representing my constituents in Tatton and promoting the Northern Powerhouse.

"My goal is to go on learning, gaining new experience and get an even better understanding of the world.

Councillor Rod Menlove, ward councillor for Wilmslow East, said "I think George clearly is a man of considerable expertise in financial matters - indeed he has been attending Davos recently.

"I am sure that he will be a valuable asset to the company he is joining and I wish him well.

"I am sure he will continue to be a good constituency MP as has been his track record."

George Osborne


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Alan Brough
Monday 23rd January 2017 at 3:08 pm
Let's face it, there's not much for him to do in Tatton is there?

That Macclesfield Hospital is operating dangerously close to melt-down, local schools are over-subscribed and faced with cuts in funding, green-belt land is under threat of development (and no sign of any of the promised affordable housing), cuts in Health budgets and Social Services in the borough mean that vulnerable elderly patients fail to receive the care and dignity they deserve, whilst CE Council continue to preside over a series of embarrassing failed projects whilst answering their critics with a combination of Orwellian "right-speak" and gobbledegook......all of these things can be set aside whilst Mr Osborne pursues his own career ambitions.

Bear in mind that in addition to his "one day a week" with Black Rock (for which one report suggests he will be paid an annual salary of £220k) he undertakes lucrative public speaking engagements at venues worldwide.

The gushing support proffered by Rod Menlove is (at the same time) predictable and risible. Does he not realise that Mr Osborne was at Davros (sic) not to contribute to World economic affairs, but to undertake paid speaking engagements on behalf of major financial institutions? Can he honestly see no conflict of interests? I think we should be told.

If Mr Osborne wishes to move into a career away from politics he should do the honourable thing and resign his seat so that we can select a full-time MP with the energy and vision to PROPERLY represent the people of Tatton in dealing with the above issues.
John Clegg
Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 5:08 pm
I saw him being interviewed in Grove St about 10 days ago, and was short of time. Otherwise, I would've asked him why the government failed to make proper cases for and against Brexit, and why hadn't they properly prepared for Brexit, rather than just threatening us plebs with a proper "it's all you fault and now you're going to pay, you ingrates, with a punitive and peevish budget".
Brian Braybrooke
Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 9:46 pm
No its to earn more Money and become another Fat Cat Has anyone see the Amount of money Black Rock are going to pay him for I day a week's Work you will be amassed , he couldn't give 2 Monkeys about his Constituents in Tatton " Its called the "Gravy Train"
Elizabeth Mooney
Wednesday 25th January 2017 at 8:16 am
Well he had to also get to Davos to mingle with George Clooney etc. Was he doing the "mingling" for the benefit of his Tatton constituents? Time for Tatton Conservatives to get a new more local candidate as it seems that George has gone off us for the time being.
Duncan Herald
Wednesday 25th January 2017 at 9:25 am
Remember that Tatton, as a parliamentary seat, will vanish at the next election.
So do you want the 'bother' and cost of a bye-election in the meantime?
Pete Taylor
Wednesday 25th January 2017 at 11:34 am
@ Duncan- yes.
Remember what happened last time Tatton had an MP who went off the rails (and at least he used brown envelopes, unlike this bloke who clearly does not care)? We got an honest, decent, independent MP.
Alan Brough
Wednesday 25th January 2017 at 6:01 pm

Frankly, yes I do want to see a by-election now as I want the opportunity to relieve Mr Osborne of his responsibilities in the local area - a local area in which he demonstrably has absolutely no real interest.

I wrote to him some years ago about what I considered were his very costly and unsatisfactory mortgage arrangements and now he seems to think it's okay to disappear for one day a week in order to work for Black Rock for which he will receive an annual salary reported to be £200k. He also enjoys extensive travel to carry out lucrative public speaking engagements.....I don't know where he finds the time......oh hang on a moment, yes I do!

Believe it or not I was an instinctive Conservative voter but I felt badly let down by Neil Hamilton and now feel the same with George Osborne.

I want a local MP who will work tirelessly to reinstate decent local education without children having to travel across the county to receive it, address the huge problem at local hospitals that have them working close to melt-down, deal with the horrific under-funding of social services that denies elderly patients decent and dignified care and challenge the nonsense Planning Departments that see fit to exacerbate all of the above problems with their zealous desire to build on any piece of available turf without giving a moments thought to any investment in social or transport infrastructure.
Duncan Herald
Friday 27th January 2017 at 2:02 am
Hi Pete and Alan,

My fault for not being full/clear enough.
Given the present political situation, there is a chance of a 'snap' general election being called. Until that is resolved, hopefully fairly soon, I for one wouldn't want a bye-election.

As to your underlying point about wanting an M.P. who essentially does nothing but be an M.P., that's a whole other ball game. Exactly how that can be achieved, assuming such is what the majority would want, seems to have been impossible to work out ever.
Paul Williams
Friday 27th January 2017 at 5:44 pm
You only have to read Osborne's comment on being chancellor to understand what his priorities are.

He says being chancellor, in charge of the whole country's finances was "more or less a full time job".

No wonder we are all ******.