Breakdown of costs for car park options

Following requests from several readers, I asked Alderley Edge Parish Council to send me the costings for the options currently being considered as part of their Parking Review - should any of readers wish to go through the breakdown.

These have been provided to the Parish Council by Arcus Consulting who looked into how much it would cost to create 44 car parking spaces at the Heyes Lane Allotment Site along with an access road to the Festival Hall, providing 100 parking spaces on the lower end of Chorley Hall Playing Fields and introducing formal parking arrangements to the car park at Ryleys Lane.

Additionally Arcus Consulting have provided costings for the former Parish Council's proposal to create 142 car parking spaces at Heyes Lane.

Speaking about the costs provided Councillor Dudley-Jones said "They are an indication of the basic affordability of each of the sites we have presented as offering us, as a Village, an improvement in our parking situation. These figures will give us all enough information to make a judgement on affordability.

"They are 'limited' in scope in certain areas. For example, it is well known to us that were the Chorley Hall site to be adopted there would be considerable extra costs involved in perhaps changing the traffic regime, introducing effective traffic calming measures, improving pedestrian safety, and installing payment regime instrumentation to name but a few. But in our judgement, whilst this may cause the final cost to increase, it will not double or treble the cost.

"The same could be said of our proposal to build an access road and extra car parking on Heyes Lane. Drainage costs here, like Chorley Hall Lane, are a concern. Both sets of costings have contingency costs built into them but it may not be quite enough. It is only when a more detailed examination of the project takes place (which we have chosen not to pay for at this stage) will we actually know but again these final costs won't be double or treble the costs we have proposed."

Mike added "However, the Village may choose to recommend that we focus all of our attention on Heyes Lane and build what the last Parish Council 'told' the Village was the perfect car park. After all, they said, it will cost £280,000 and 140 cars will be parked at £2,000.00 per space. Incidentally, these spaces were to be for long term parking only at £0.40 per day still leaving the Festival Hall somewhat 'landlocked'."

"Our basic affordability costings show that this is nonsense and a complete car park for about 100 cars on Heyes Lane will cost around £630,000 -£800,000. I say for about 100 cars because we doubt whether the whole site could be used with the huge problems and costs that are involved in addressing the culvert and water course which sits in the middle of the plot. Indications are that the last houses built recently on the east of the site are causing water table concerns as the Heyes Lane water struggles find a place to go."

Click on the links to download the costs for:

Click here to view the Alderley Edge Parish Council Car Parking Review consultation document.

The Feedback Form is available to download here. Paper copies are available in the Library, completed copies can be dropped off at the Library or at the Parish Council Office at the Festival Hall.

The results of that consultation will then be reported back at a Feedback Meeting meeting to be held at 7pm at Alderley Edge Methodist Church on Thursday 11th February.

Images: Proposed layout of car parks at Chorley Hall Lane, Heyes Lane and Ryleys Lane.

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Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below.

Chris Harper
Thursday 21st January 2016 at 3:16 pm
Thanks for publishing costs, they are helpful and needed to form an understanding of the proposals.

Little concerned however by the last paragraph / quote from Mike Dudley Jones in this article, it is not clear if this is based on specific consultant input? If the consultant determined that 100 Nr spaces could only be provided (design / drawing available?) and or if there is a consultant breakdown for the cost to complete the 100 Nr space option – do not think it has been uploaded?.

Further, do consider that the Parish Council has placed too much emphasis on the cost aspect (low or high cost option) within the car park proposal information released to the public. Even more so, as it is becoming further apparent that fundamental costs may be missing from both Heyes Lane and CHL appraisals (without these costs added we do not know which proposal is the cheapest / most expensive). Mike Dudley Jones actually alludes to this fact in the article above that ‘’considerable’’ extra costs will be applicable to CHL. These may be the drainage, the footpath / access improvements both along CHL and the narrow CHL bridge, the newly constructed and lit path through the field, allotments and lighting to the existing park path, other highways works to make CHL one lane, traffic calming, pedestrian crossing / access to the station (over London Road), security, landscaping etc. etc.

The slides presented at the public meeting also showed a relatively quick payback period for the carparks (Heyes Lane was to be paid off in 24 months if I recall) therefore the capital cost does becomes inconsequential at such rapid rates of payback.

The more important aspect has to be location, it is abundantly clear that the areas around the Train Station are hot spots (for both park and riders and the village workers). The facts are then that the Ryleys Lane and Heyes Lane proposals offer the most convenient location (both short and long stay) and also can be converted without a great deal of other major infrastructure cost (highways modifications, lit paths etc. as above). CHL by comparison is isolated, the parish councils car park proposals documents do not provide any clarity of how such isolation and the associated security issues (and such on-going regular security cost) will be overcome. It is very unlikely that on a dark winters morning and or night (today for example) that a lone commuter / officer worker (female or male) would wish to or feel safe undertaking the walk through the park, allotments and playing field – I certainly would not feel comfortable with any of my family doing this. They could perhaps take the longer walk through the main street and down Chorley Hall Lane however again distance must be a factor (and a consideration if having to pay £5 / Day).

Conversely we have created this great new venue in the form of the Medical Centre and Festival Hall. The intention we believe for the Festival Hall to become a hub for our village during the day and night (potentially late into the night for a wedding or dance). The carpark would be directly adjacent, there will be people constantly around this area, potentially separate security acting for events and an in house festival hall manager on site to deal with issues. Is it also intended that our Police Community Support Officer will be based out of the Festival Hall? Ryleys Lane is also of such a short distance from the train / offices that you would often be moving with other people who have departed the train or office (combined with people attending Piccolinos, the Church and other nearby venues (including Festival Hall)).

While we can accept costs are always a hot topic (and to be considered) they are only one consideration and in this particular instance, potentially a very small one (given short projected paybacks presented by the Parish Council). There does remain far more important and critical factors to consider when analysing the car park proposals.
Vin Sumner
Thursday 21st January 2016 at 5:57 pm
Can anyone tell me what the exact parking facilities at the Festival Hall/Medical Centre are , from the plans it looks like between 40 and 50. Would be good to know which of these are "reserved: and when.
I gather a popular and cheap alternative to building new car parks in many places across the country is to look at adding an extra level of parking created in days from modular units.... why not try that at festival hall. It might not look the best , but then the building is nothing special anymore.
DELETED ACCOUNT False Name (Louise Gray)
Thursday 21st January 2016 at 10:11 pm
Vin and Chris thanks for that, I think you have both made excellent points and will certainly provide food for thought in this household as we are going to complete the survey this weekend. Best Wishes.....
Mike Dudley-Jones
Thursday 21st January 2016 at 11:25 pm
Chris, Vin and Louise,

I am glad that you are pondering the various options and voicing your concerns about some of the issues that surround the car parking issue. I hope sincerely that you can appreciate that we needed to put some proposals forward, with costs and give an insight into what might be allowed and what might not be - to start the whole process. It is complex as I am sure you will realise and I would like to reassure you that nothing will happen until we are comfortable with a sensible way forward.

Please be assured that we all need to spend a very great deal of time looking further at how we want our Village to be in the future. This cannot be a 'top down' proposal. It has to be decided by all of the residents and that will not be easy to bring about.

I suspect we will all have much work to do - together- as we thrash out the best solutions for the improvements we seek.

I hope you might all be prepared to sit with us and others to ponder these matters further after the 11th February as we are all fortunate indeed to live in this famous place and I know you will want to be part of the team that helps to make Alderley Edge a very special place to live as we progress towards 2020 and far beyond.
Tam Byrne
Saturday 23rd January 2016 at 8:49 pm
Hopefully there will be some more investigation done on the costs for the complete parking solutions to properly evaluate. I agree though that a 2-3 year payback is very quick.
Vin Sumner
Sunday 24th January 2016 at 1:57 pm

Whilst, I understand that your intent may not be "top down" , my framing the questions in terms of the heyes lane and chorley hall lane proposals, you have effectively set the agenda for discussion, as can be seen from most comments being pro or against one piece of green space or another being converted to tarmac and lost for ever. I think there are at least a few people in the village who would welcome a wider discussion about transport and as part of that all aspects of parking as opposed to the current approach

This is worth a read


Mike Dudley-Jones
Sunday 24th January 2016 at 5:24 pm

We felt that we needed to place certain proposals before the Village with enough information surrounding them to start a thinking process.

There is no danger that any 'solution' or 'proposal' will be foisted upon this Village of ours. I feel confident that, as the discussions develop over the weeks and months, we will all reach sensible and hopefully far reaching remedies for the parking ills we face.

I have made careful note of your own thoughts - and those of others over the past few weeks - in ensuring that we look to the future. I hope you might have time to be at the Feedback Meeting on Thursday 11th February at the Methodist Church.

It will be an important session I feel - and the start of a complex process that will require well thought out and constructive thinking by all those who attend and seek to be part of a Village that remains very special.
Adrian Barber
Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 3:11 pm
Are we thinking radically enough?

Why not look at a completely radical solution to make London Road one-way from the bridge to a roundabout on the complex Chorley Hall Lane junction? It may seem crazy but given how all ideas have their challenges then why shouldn't this be considered? Yes investment would be needed to create one or more loops for the opposing direction but the cost of parking infrastructure would be lower, just put herringbone parking down London Road on an already suitable surface. No land is eaten up, all you have is a few people who, if driving, may take a minute longer to go around the loop to their destination rather than direct. Making Chorley Hall Lane one-way, for example, may make it a lot safer whilst supporting this concept. London Road would be quieter and heavy vehicles would have to use the bypass as intended anyway.

There are many positives, so surely it's worth a study? Even if it proves not to be the best idea?
Sue Joseph
Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 3:54 pm
Interesting thought Adrian. Don't think it would provide enough spaces on its own but it could work. Would Ryleys Lane also have to be one way given the difficulty of negotiating it already. Worth investigating further.
Alan Brough
Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 8:03 pm

I believe that your idea has considerable merit.

It would be possible to create a North to South one way system along London Road through the Village from a roundabout at Piccallinos to a roundabout at The De Trafford Arms - and a South to North one way system between the same points along Chorley Hall Lane and Rileys lane.

As you say, this would allow for a substantial number of additional parking spaces through herring-bone parking on London Road and (perhaps) Rileys Lane.

In addition it could be a way of better managing traffic flow through the village.

I would certainly favour this suggestion over others that involve the loss of green space.
Duncan Herald
Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 8:06 pm
Hi Adrian,
re. the proposal for herring bone parking on London Rd.
Actually its called something else, in the Highways World; but I can't recall the term (chevron parking?).
There was an attempt to get C.E. to go for this idea a few years back; the present wide pavements would in some places allow it BUT some places would mean the pavement being cut-back. C.E's view was that under the pavements is a mass of pipes, wires etc. and so they were unwilling to consider it.
That's just an historical fact; no reason why the idea shouldn't be re-visited.
Martin Dixon
Tuesday 26th January 2016 at 8:47 pm

I think you are on to something here. Brilliant out of the box thinking. Especially as it would not involve widening the bridge on CHL. You have proposed the best solution so far.
Adrian Barber
Thursday 28th January 2016 at 11:01 pm
It may be flawed but could someone take it forward as a proper suggestion to those in power? To see if it has wider support?
Adrian Barber
Thursday 28th January 2016 at 11:19 pm
The London Road parking may also finally bring to an end the battle between those wishing to park right outside the shops/bars and those trying to keep the road safe and clear. Short stay during the day and unrestricted at night, bob's your uncle as they say. It should also relieve stress on the permit controlled zones and reduce the strain on the budget for policing the parking situation.
Vin Sumner
Sunday 31st January 2016 at 7:20 pm
I can't make the meeting on 11th but have filled the form in. I must say I found its structure limiting as has much of the discussion has been, despite a range of alternative ideas being proposed on this site and no doubt in conversations around the village. Surely, it would be appropriate to have a proper wider consultation on village transport, rather than the rush to tarmac.
I also note on another thread you say the access road to Festival Hall is the priority of the PC ; this is a different issue than parking and I haven't seen the case presented that its necessary. If its a village resource then that suggests that many users will be from the village and can walk , and the effort should be to support those who might have difficulty rather than the lazy.
I know the new PC is making positive noises about consultation and that its the village's decision, but I have at this time no idea what that means. Will you take the temperature of the village in some way ; arrive at a decision through some sort of osmosis, have a referendum .... I think the process needs to be clear even if the ideas are not.