North West's first Running Clinic opens in Alderley Edge


Promotional Feature

Physiofit in Alderley Edge has recently been approved as a specialised running clinic by leaders in the field of running injuries and prevention The Running Clinic, a Canadian based company who provide education around the world to health and fitness professionals. After attending training with The Running Clinic founder Blaise Dubois in London, Physiofit director, Angie Jackson was delighted to be successful in her application to become the North West's first specialised Running Clinic in recognition of her advanced knowledge in the treatment and prevention of running injuries and performance enhancement techniques.

Canadian born, Blaine Dubois, has worked extensive with the Canadian track and field team and lectures internationally. The Running Clinic website is highly informative and has some great free tools for runners of all ages and abilities

Angie Jackson is excited about the opportunities linking with Blaise and his team will provide. "The benefit of being part of a worldwide running clinic is huge. There is a huge volume of research relating to injury risk and performance enhancement in runners and The Running Clinic employ a research team to collate the best available research evidence and distribute this cutting edge knowledge to their specialised clinics each month. Knowing that we will be at the forefront of best practise and applying this knowledge to our work with runners is very exciting."

Part of the role of being a specialised clinic is to hold workshops for the public to educate runners and fellow professionals about how to "Run faster, injury free with pleasure" and Angie is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with local running clubs. To book one of these evenings, please contact Physiofit's office in Alderley Edge. The workshops will include advice regarding stress modification to reduce injury risk, running re-education techniques, footwear selection and strength & conditioning programmes for runners.

Physiofit, establish over 22 years ago, has a long pedigree in working with athletes from all sports and in particular working with all ages. They enjoy teaching correct running technique to children ensuring they start their sporting life with a technique that will let them run fast and strong for many years to come. This applies to people who are new to running. Few people appreciate that running is a skill and should be taught by qualified professionals in much the same way as tennis or golf. Physiofit offer running analysis and specialist movement screening to highlight injury risk factors and areas which might impair performance. They work closely with their strength and conditioning team to provide programmes for strength, endurance, speed and multidirectional athletes ensuring that all runners can enjoy the freedom and pleasure of running. Physiofit also offer cycling and swimming screening for the whole triathlete experience.

For further details and to book an appointment or find about running packages please do call the Physiofit reception on 01625 590444 or visit the website