It's Lindow Moss Week!

Tuesday, 20th Sep, 2022 to Wednesday, 28th Sep, 2022

Featured Event

It's the 4th week of our amazing Transition Wilmslow Festival of Nature, and this week we have a talk by Dr Anna Gilchrist, Lecturer in Ecology at Manchester University, who will be zoom talking on Denatured Landscapes, with Lindow Moss as an exemplar. Anna is a brilliant speaker who has studied Lindow Moss extensively; if you are at all interested in everyone's favourite Moss, do come along! Zoom talk, so you can all make it; 7.30 on Wednesday 22nd September. All details on the

Anna is leading a walk on Lindow Moss on Saturday 24th 1pm from Lindow Common Car Park (opposite Hickory's); again sign up via

Don't forget "Inspired by Lindow" a fantastic exhibition at Wilmslow Guild: open till Oct 21st during Guild opening hours.

On Thursday 23rd at The Rex, catch up with The Biggest Little Farm, a film about Community Gardening; tickets from The Rex. For those of you who missed last week's Festival Film, 2040, it was brilliant; it's available on line.

On Sunday 25th it is the Car Free Street Festival from 10-4; do come down to Alderley Road and see Wilmslow as you have never seen it before! Sign up for some pedalling (you won't hear the music without it!) and if you know any small people, encourage them to bring along their bikes, trikes and scooters. There are lots of children's activities, eco themed stalls and plenty of cafes open for you to enjoy!

Our final event on Wednesday, 28th September, will be a talk by Dr Frances Hill, from Centre for Alternative Technology, on Heating our Homes for a Zero Carbon Future.
Lots of people joined last week's Green Homes Tour, so we know that there are lots of questions about greener home energy, and lots of enthusiasm for moving away from fossil fuels. Do join us and learn more about how home heating is changing and how you can benefit from the change.