Summer bypass works affect local roads


Birse Civils are now making significant progress with the A34 bypass works and as we reported last month they are way ahead of schedule and should be in a position to open the new road later this year.

Below is the latest information regarding some important changes to the local road network, which will be happening in the near future as a result of the bypass works:

Brook Lane

  • The road remains closed to vehicles, although the pedestrian route will now be maintained.
  • The target date for reopening the road is 19th August 2010.

Chelford Road

  • The new bridge is now complete, the diversion of all services out of the existing road and over the new bridge will be completed on 6th June, the next stage will then be to divert traffic over the new bridge.
  • Construction of the new road over the bridge is ongoing, and in order to complete the new kerbing and surfacing Birse will need to close the A535.
  • The intention is to close the road after the peak period on June 24th and it is anticipated that it will remain closed for 7 to 10 days.
  • A diversion route will be set up via the A34 and A537, signs will shortly be erected advising motorists.
  • As the diversion route is via the Monks Heath area all traffic management restrictions at that junction & Bollington Lane, see below, will be removed before the A535 is closed.

Welsh Row

  • No imminent change, Birse are currently anticipating to opening it to traffic in November.

Bollington Lane

  • To enable the closure of the Chelford Road, Bollington Lane will be opened by June 24th.
  • The junction will be opened in a temporary condition and Birse will return here to complete the traffic signals and final surfacing at a later date.
  • Once Chelford Road is reopened, Bollington Lane will be closed again as a through route.

Birse are currently looking at the programme and will be providing more specific details regarding the works at Monks Heath and Bollington Lane when the programme has been revised. 

Visit our previous article to view the most recent overhead photographs of the A34 bypass, which were taken last month.

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Mark Russell
Thursday 10th June 2010 at 2:03 am
Good to see this sort of progress being made, it has the feeling of it all coming together now and not being long until completion!!!!!!
Lisa Reeves
Wednesday 23rd June 2010 at 10:20 pm
The proposed closure of the A535 Chelford Road between Alderley Edge and Chelford has been amended.

Instead of closing tomorrow, June 24th, the road is now due to close from 10am on Friday 25th June until Sunday 4th July as part of the ongoing works for construction of the Alderley Edge Bypass.

The works are to re-align Chelford Road across the new bridge over the bypass in the area between Chorley Hall Close and the cemetery with no access through the works. There will be unrestricted local access on either side of the works.

Access to Nursery Lane, Merrymans Lane, Foden Lane and the cemetery will all be from the Chelford side of the works.

The diversion route between the A535/A537 Chelford Roundabout and the A34/A535 Ryleys Lane junction in Alderley Edge will be via the A537 Chelford Road to Monks Heath and A34 Congleton Road or vice versa.
Lisa Reeves
Friday 2nd July 2010 at 1:02 pm
Birse have just informed us that all being well the Chelford Road will reopen during the evening of Wednesday July 7th.

The footpath will reopen at the same time.
Lisa Reeves
Wednesday 7th July 2010 at 5:09 pm
Birse have just informed us that Chelford Road/ Riley’s Lane will be open tonight, but lights will be controlling the traffic as some of the works have been held up by the rain today.

A spokesman from Birse said "If all goes well tomorrow, both lanes will be open over the bridge."