Over 60% of care homes in Cheshire East have suffered coronavirus outbreaks


Over 60% all care homes in Cheshire East have reported outbreaks of coronavirus since March.

According to the latest Government data released on May 14th, 60.8% of the 97 care homes in the borough have reported an outbreak of coronavirus, compared with 53.5% in Cheshire West and Chester.

The data, which is derived from reports to Public Health England of infectious disease outbreaks in care homes, shows that Cheshire East is the second worst hit area in the North West for reported outbreaks in care homes, with the highest percentage of 63.6% recorded in Wigan.

Between March 9th and May 10th there were a total of 59 suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Cheshire East care homes, which includes residential and nursing homes.

Three new outbreaks in care homes were reported in the borough during the week commencing May 4th, compared to six the previous week. The highest number of suspected or confirmed outbreaks was reported during the week commencing April 6th, when there were 18.

Across the North West 41% of care homes have reported an outbreak between 9th March to 10th May compared to 34.6% in the South East, 41.6% in London and 47.5% in the North East which, according to these figures, is the worst hit region.

Any individual care home will only be included in the dataset once. If a care home has reported more than one outbreak, only the first is included in this dataset.

This dataset contains no indication of whether the reported outbreaks are still active.



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Stephen Maynard
Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 4:01 pm
What percentage of these care homes are privately run - charging what they do, surely the privately run homes should not be dependant of the Government and/or tax payer to make them safe
Jon Williams
Tuesday 19th May 2020 at 6:59 pm
Most Care Homes are privately run today and the coronavirus has often come from NHS hospitals, so yes, the government should help.
Duncan Herald
Friday 29th May 2020 at 12:58 pm
When it comes to ascribing responsibility, is it true that the 'forced' moving of older patients from hospital to care home came from the NHS rather than from central govm.?
Yes i do know that NHS and Central Govm. are intertwined but I'd like to know whose (tragic) bright idea it was!

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